[Vfw-times] MK site

Oren Otter bevary at atcjet.net
Mon Nov 1 01:03:36 CST 1999

Okay... here's how it stands on the MK site project.

Chris O'Kane, who also happens to be in charge of Metamor keep itself, has
agreed to have the website put in his name.  Since he probably knows more
about MK than anyone, I am asking him to be in charge of content and design.

Eala Dubh has agreed to provide us with graphics, provided we can send him
suitable backgrounds to use as guides and/or include in the pictures.

WOLF 0013 will be handling some of the HTML, with Musashi (I said it!) and
myself helping.

Aatheus Centauri will also be helping with content, with emphasis on humor.

Next thing we need to do is sit down and figure out exactly what we want on
the site, what part of the keep to associate it with, and therefore what
images we need and what pages we are constructing.

The URL for the new site: http://www.geocities.com/metamor_keep/

Anyone who wants to do HTML or uploads, please contact me for the password.

-Oren the Otter
tlhaQ biQ Ha'DIbaH

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