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C. Matthias jagille3 at vt.edu
Mon Nov 1 19:56:57 CST 1999

At 01:52 PM 11/1/1999 -0700, Oren Otter wrote:
>here's a few ideas I had for pages on the MK site.  I took the liberty of
>listing them on the site as possible future attractions.
>The Writer's Guild- Come on over here to read your favorite Metamor Keep

I wholeheartedly agree on that score. :-)

>The Deaf Mule- Catch up on the latest news, or listen to the Keepers give
>the short versions of their tales.<p>
>The Lighthouse- Everything you wanted to know about Hipocci culture<p>
>The patrol routes- Come out this way to learn about lutins and the monsters
>of the north.
>Court- Come and meet some of the more noteworthy citizens of the keep.
>The Follower Cathedral- Learn a little bit about the religion and customs
>of the people of Metamor

It might be more appropriate to have the Lightbringer temple for this
purpose as there area whole lot more of them then there are Followers at
the Keep.  Or you can do them in junction.  

I also recommend the dungeon as a place to visit, where we can list the
various bad guys and describe them. :-)

May He bless you and keep you in His grace and love,

Charles Matthias

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