[Vfw-times] hmmm...

Oren Otter bevary at atcjet.net
Mon Nov 1 23:00:54 CST 1999

At 08:38 PM 11/1/1999 -0800, you wrote:
>MK is really cool. I'm looking at the home page right
>now, and trying to make more sense out of it.. ^_^;;
>I'm sorry to say that I'm not much of a writer so I
>can't contribute.


Most of the characters in MK are based on real people.  The Writer's guild
is analagous to the TSA mailing list.  The people of Hipocc are based on my
old chat buddies.  In fact, Christina the mind mage is my next door
neighbor.  If you're not a writer, would you like to be an MK character?

-Oren the Otter
tlhaQ biQ Ha'DIbaH

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