[Vfw-times] in need of lyrics

elindsey at ix.netcom.com elindsey at ix.netcom.com
Tue Nov 16 20:42:36 CST 1999

Hello all.

	Humm. This isn't really too furry-related, but of well. Are there any other anime fans
out there? I know Musashi-san is, and anyone else? I'm looking for some song lyrics from a 
japanese animated film called Windaria. The song is called "Beautiful Planet", and is one of my 
favorites off the Best of Anime cd. Anyway, I am looking for the japanese lyrics and the english 
translation, if anyone knows where i can find it... I'm going to use it in a up-coming (furry) 
fan-fiction story I'm writing. Well, that's it for now. Please contact me if anyone wants to do 
pic trades or something! Byes!

~Erin Lindsey
elindsey at ix.netcom.com

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