[Vfw-times] TF moment

Oren Otter bevary at atcjet.net
Thu Nov 18 00:46:17 CST 1999

This TF moment brought to you by Herdthinners Inc., providing the finest in
population control since the dawn of predation.

Jim was tired and hungry and cranky and sore.  This business trip had
turned out to be a bust, and the world seemed like it was out to get him.
Jim noticed the sign ahead.  "Momma's Comfort motel".  At least it would be
a place to sleep.
"Would youi like the deluxe accomodations?" asked the desk clerk.
"Sure.  I could use a little pampering."
The next thing he knew, Jim was shrinking.  A moment later, he was crawling
out of his clothes on pudgy hands and knees.
All the cares of the world melted away as little Jimmy found himself
sheltered in Mother's embrace.
All was right with the world.
...until he got the bill the next morning.

-Oren the Otter
tlhaQ biQ Ha'DIbaH
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