[Vfw-times] TF moment

Oren Otter bevary at atcjet.net
Fri Nov 26 15:31:29 CST 1999

This TF moment brought to you by Derksen Industries new "Fox Kit".

"I wish to apply for a job." said Warren.
"And what position are you applying for?"
"General maintainance."
The zookeeper rubbed his hands together.  "We really don't have anything in
maintainance, but if you're interested, I do have an opening in a full-time
live-in position.  Are you interested?"
"Am I?  Where do I sign?"
The zookeeper gave Warren a paper to sign.  It was only as he was handing
it back that he noticed the heading "waiver" as opposed to "contract".
Immediately, black and white fur sprouted all over Warren's body.  His nose
turned forwards, becoming black and round as the zookeeper helped him out
of his clothing.
"I can't tell you how much this means to me!" said his new boss.  "We've
really been needing a new panda!"

-Oren the Otter
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