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The first part can be found at http://users.transfur.com/Hedonism/ (warning,
some of the other stories have adult content. Not this one though :) ).

Oren : No, not yet. Should arrive at Part three or four though :)

Figment, Part 2

By Hedonism

* * * * * * * * * *

Rebecca put the kettle on.

"So. First things first. You exist then. How can a figment of my imagination
have done that?"

"Well, I could have been a subconscious power given form, or something. You
know, like in The Shining?"


"Does it sound likely?"

"No. For one thing, I haven't seen The Shining. But you have. I bet though,
if I do watch it, I'll probably understand what you say."

"Well. Yes."

"A childhood friend thingy can't see stuff I can't. If you can watch Steven
King films when I'm not around, you must be able to be where I'm not.
Therefore. you're a different person."

There was a bit of silence.

"Ick! There was me thinking for years you were just a bit of childhood
schitzophrenia, but you're someone inside me! Ewww!"

Rebecca ran around the kitchen.

"Stay away from the kettle if you're going to be like this, please," said
Figment, nee Hedonism.

"I'm giving you your marching orders! Out, out!" she shouted, furious.

"Wow, you worked it out! After all these years!"


"Wow, you're catching on well."


"I only had to turn you into a big liz-"

"Bugger off!"



Do I have to? It's a bit weird-"

"Being in me is weird! Out!"

"You might want to close your eyes, Rebs-"


Rebecca suddenly doubled over. There was a -surge- inside her stomach. Her
shirt bulged. Scenes from Alien filled her mind, and she screamed. She
flopped to the ground.

Her shirt buttons undid themselves, and two hands came free. Two scaly,
clawlike hands. A not unpretty lizardlike head pulled out, followed by a
long neck and shoulders. It wasn't painful. It felt like it looked - like a
big lizard thing was leaving her like she was the surface of a lake. Chest,
stomach, thighs, tail, legs freed themselves. And finally there was a four
foot tall Doctor Who baddie standing there, stretching, breathing in deeply
and speedily as if unused to the concept, and then extending a delicate four
digit hand to help Rebecca up.

The girl looked up from the ground, eyes wide open, pale.

"Rebs? Are you all right? Well, I know you're all right. Quite healthy, and
not a bit do-lally, so don't bother pretending-"

"God! You look just like you did when I was young!"

"Well, I would. I was a bogeyman back then. Just 'cos I get nice, doesn't
mean I stop being all scaly."

Rebecca snorted with laughter. Hedonism was an intriguing combination of
lizard-on-hind-legs and human. Pretty much female shaped, her chest jutted
forwards like how cartoons tended to represent female animals. In fact,
cartoonlike, yet real was a good description of her. She had tiny horns, and
small demonic wings. Her hair was thick, snakelike scaly tendrils. If
yesterday was anything to go by, they possibly were snakes. She also sounded
exactly the same outside Rebecca's head as she did inside. Only now the girl
could see the tongue slipping around with each sibillated syllable, the long
reptilian snout shape the words. The creature was infinitely more real than
her imagination could manage.

"So. what are you?"

"Well. you know up until now you've thought I was a closet monster that you
befriended, and sorta became a voice inside your head-type childhood friend
thing, and I never went away?"

"Well, yes."

Hedonism extended her hand again.

"Ummm. do you want to get off the floor yet?"

Rebs took the diminutive monster's hand. Hedonism strained with effort - she
was as weak as her size indicated. Rebecca got into a chair while the
reptile girl went to the kettle and grabbed two cups.

"I was those things."

"Yeah, but those things don't exist. And you do!"

Hedonism giggled.

"Well, they exist. At least as far as chartered accountants and, err,
firemen, exist. It's my job. I go where the job does - in your closet, under
your bed. Inside you."

Another pause settled.

"Then if it's a job, how do you get paid?"

"With feelings. As your scary monster, I made you afraid of me, then ate
your fear."

Rebecca snorted.

"I wasn't scared of you!"

Hedonism blushed. Green cheeks were tinged with a warm redness.

"No, you weren't. That was the worst paid job I'd ever taken. My heart wasn'
t in it. I've never really gone for a job where I go around scaring little
girls. So I made friends with you instead. I was going to go off and find
something else before I starved, then realised I could eat your friendship
instead! So I hung around."

"Eating friendship? That sounds pretty sinister!"

Hedonism stopped making the tea and turned around. Her face was serious, but
her voice was dreamy.

"I never felt so good. I gorged myself on your friendship. But there's
always been too much to eat! But I'm not with you because of that. I'm with
you because you're. well, my friend."

Yet another uncomfortable pause descended. Rebecca's and Hedonism's eyes

"It's. the same reason. I didn't get a shrink. Or I suppose that I didn't
try to get rid of you myself, even when I was sure you didn't exist."

Hedonism smiled grimly.

"Either would have worked. I know when I'm not wanted."

It seemed to be a good conversation for long awkward silences.

"Do you still want me, Rebs? Can I go back in again?"

Rebecca's voice was soft, her words slow and careful.

"Do you need to be inside me?"

Hedonism nodded. "Yes. Very much for preference."

"Well. Why?"

The reptilian monster played with her fingers.

"Do I _really_ need to tell you?"

"Errr, yes. I'll need a pretty damn good reason to let you do that horrible
melty thing again."

Hedonism told her.

Rebecca took the cup of tea and stirred it slowly. She wasn't particularly
surprised that Hedonism had made it exactly the same way she did. Tea bag
into the cup, swished around madly, squeezed with the teaspoon, several dabs
of milk, and one and a half teaspoonfuls of sugar, the second being a
self-conscious attempt at not overindulging.

This. creature, must know everything about me! It was horrible watching her
leave, and now she wants back in!

She looks all squirmy and weird!

It's very quiet in here. no-one inside me, but me.

If I keep thinking about it, this awkward silence will last for _ever!_

Rebecca smiled.

"Yes, you can. But finish your tea first. And let me close my eyes as well."

By Hedonism

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