[Vfw-times] New 2 list :-)

Rufinoform at aol.com Rufinoform at aol.com
Wed Feb 23 08:18:48 CST 2000


I just joined this list and wanted to say "Hi" to everyone :-)  According to 
what I'm told, transformation is one of the things discussed on this list, so 
I'd like to offer a couple of things that I thought may be of interest to the 
readers of this list.  One is a page on a genetics company called "Furnetics" 
that specializes in "anthropomorphic augmentation", that is, changing willing 
humans into "true" furries, even changing their reproductive ability so that 
they can father/mother a natural born morph.  The URL is
Unfortunately, Furnetics is fictional.  If it were real, not doubt it would 
be overwhelmed with members of the Furry Community (myself included) who want 
to have themselves changed :-)

The other is a futuristic 6 part story titled "Future Form" by Allen Kitchen 
(a.k.a. Shockwave the Netwolf).  A big part of the plot is that people can 
have themselves changed into furries in just a few hours time, but there's a 
lot more to the story than just that.  It's worth taking the time to read as 
it is one of Shockwave's better stories :-)  The story contains some mild 
violence and language, none of it gratuitous, so it's basically clean.


Hope y'all like what I've posted :-)


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