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Fri Feb 25 10:46:57 CST 2000

Hi, I think this is the first time for me mailing to the list.  My name is 
Brit...and this is a short story I wrote a few days ago when one of my 
friends drew a picture of me turning into an otter, enjoy!
Secret of Otter Lake

	“Sigh, it’s really beautiful up here Lucy, thanks for bringing me along.”

	“Yeah, it’s ok Brit, I know you don’t have the money to go anywhere else 
for spring break,” Lucy replied.

	The two girls were on their way to Lucy’s family summer home built on a 
small lake called Otter Lake.  They had been driving through the forest for 
most of the day and seeing the most lush scenery anyone could have ever 
seen.  “You know Lucy, it feels good to get out in the wild away from 
college and the city.”

	“You can say that again, I love coming up here, the weather is always nice, 
and just wait to you see the lake!  It’s the best!  Every summer we come out 
here for a week just to relax and enjoy.  Of course, it would be nice if we 
had a phone in there.”

	Britanny just smiled and put her sunglasses back down to her face and 
enjoyed the rest of the ride.

	When the two girls finally arrived at the little house nestled in between 
huge trees and walled in on one side by the beautiful lake, they unpacked 
and made the place a bit more homely.  “Well, I’m going back in town to pick 
us up some groceries Brit, is there anything you want?”

	“No not really, just grab me some sour cream and onion chips and I’ll be 
fine, ok?”

	“Sure!  I’ll be back later…Brit?  What are you doing in that bathing suit?”

	“I’m going out for a swim…why?”

	“I told you, remember…no one’s allowed to swim in Otter Lake on the day or 
night of a full moon, we’ll go swimming tomorrow ok?”

	“Lucy?  What does a full moon have to do with anything?  Why can’t I swim?  
Is a werewolf going to come out and get me or something?” Brit said with a 
smirk while eyeing up the straps on her new bikini.

	“I don’t know, please Britanny, just don’t.  My parents have always been 
very clear about not swimming on the day or night of a full moon.  Promise 
me you wont ok?”

	Britanny rolled her eyes and shrugged, “Ok, ok…I won’t go swimming…”

	Lucy thanked Brit and walked out the door, got in her car and sped off down 
the road for the groceries.  Brit sighed, there was this beautiful little 
lake, and the perfect time of year to swim and cool off, and she wasn’t 
being allowed to.  “What a gyp,” she said as she lounged back on an old 

	An hour or so passed and Lucy hadn’t come back yet, and Brit was getting 
anxious.  “I bet if I go for a swim, by the time she gets back, she won’t 
even know I went for a little dip, but I can’t do that to her…I promised.  
Still, it’s awfully hot, and the sun isn’t going to be down for a while…what 
could it hurt?”

	After a bit more convincing from herself, Britanny decided that she would 
take a little dip, and so Lucy wouldn’t ever know she went she removed her 
bathing suit and put it in her suit case.  The lake was calm and cool and 
very soothing on Britanny’s small naked body, she was only maybe 5 feet 4 
inches tall, with a small chest in comparison to many of her friends.  She 
relaxed in the lake for the better part of the afternoon, and decided to 
explore under the lake’s crystal clear water for a bit.  In doing so, Brit 
discovered why the lake was called Otter Lake, as it was full of river 
otters that, but something caught her eyes, an otter different from the 
others.  Obviously a male, he seemed sort of human, maybe 4 feet tall.  Upon 
seeing this Britanny darted out of the water and ran into the house rather 
afraid, was this why Lucy had told her not to swim in the lake?

	Brit dried off, and completely forgot about what she had seen in the lake, 
and dismissed it as a trick of the water.  Dusk soon came, and Britanny put 
on some jeanshorts, and a white T-shirt.  Eventually Lucy finally got back 
with the groceries and almost dropped them when she looked at Brit.

	“Britanny?  Did you go swimming in the lake?  Your hair is wet!”

	“No, no Lucy, I just took a bath while you were gone.”

	Lucy looked a bit concerned, “B-but Brit, the water in the bathtub doesn’t 
work…you did go swimming didn’t you?”

	Blushing a little as she had been found out Brit replied, “Oh come on Lucy, 
what could it possibly hurt?  I was getting hot, and I needed to cool down.  
God, you’re being just like my mother.”

	Lucy sighed a little, and realized what she was saying; it did sound kind 
of stupid, after all what could happen?  “Oh ok, I guess you’re right, I’m 
just being silly I guess.”

	Later that night...

	“WOW Lucy!  This fish is great!  Where did you get this?”

	Lucy just smiled and laughed a bit, “Hee hee, you know Brit, I’ve never 
heard anyone so excited about fish sticks before.”

	Britanny blushed a little and continued to eat her dinner, “Well, they’re 
good fish sticks…”

	After dinner the two friends lounged about the main den area of the little 
summer home reading magazines, and watching some non-cable TV.  Brit kept 
scratching at her neck and arms though and seemed a bit uncomfortable.  
“Brit?  Are you ok?  You keep scratching…did bugs bite you or something?”

	“No, I don’t know…I’m just really itchy all of a sudden…”

	Lucy looked up at Brit and her mouth and magazine both dropped at the same 
time, “Brit!  Y-your nose…it’s black!”

	Britanny giggled at Lucy, “Aww Lucy, why’z it alwayz gotta be a black 

	“No!  No!  It’s really black, and kind of flat!”

	Britanny looking kind of confused ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror 
and tripped over her feet, which were also black and webbed!  She got up and 
darted to the bathroom mirror and looked in it only to see that she was 
getting furry, her face was changing, and her ears were rounding.

	“Wh-what’s happening to me?”  Britanny screamed out as she felt her clothes 
become baggy on her.  She could see her hands growing black fur and becoming 
webbed just like her feet and almost instantaneously a fuzzy tail shot out 
from the back of her shorts.  She ran out of the bathroom and Lucy screamed! 
  “Lucy! Lucy! Help!”

	Britanny looked like a large otter, her neck was elongating as was her 
body, but it was also shrinking.  “I don’t know what’s happening Brit…you’re 
changing!  IT MUST BE THE LAKE!”  Soon Britanny’s body was covered in soft 
brown otter fur and her shorts puddled around her ankles when she stopped 
shrinking at about 3 and a half feet.  Her body felt very flexible, and Lucy 
helped Brit out of her way too big clothes.  Britanny had become the typical 
image of a furry/morphic otter girl.  She looked like a cross between an 
otter and human, she still had some remnants of her breasts, and her long 
human hair looked just as it did when she was bigger.

	“What are we going to do Lucy?  I’m a freak!”

	“I don’t know Brit, but I told you not to swim in the lake.”

	Lucy helped Britanny get into some old baby clothes they had lying around 
the house.  “There’s nothing we can do about it tonight, but I can go in 
town tomorrow and see what I can find out.”

	Britanny looked a little uneasy, she had an urge to go swimming in the 
lake, “O-ok Lucy, let’s get some sleep ok?”

	Britanny woke up in the middle of the night in a hot sweat.  She got up out 
of bed and stripped off the clothes Lucy had given her and proceeded to walk 
outside.  The night air felt good against her new fur, and she saw a figure 
standing in the water, calling out to her.

	“Britanny! NO! Don’t go!” Lucy yelled out from the house, but Britanny kept 
running towards the figure, and never looked back.  She became like the male 
otter she had seen the day she swam in the lake, and like him became a 
protector of the lake and the otter that swam there.  She never forgot her 
friend, or college or the city, but she was too busy loving her mate and 
having children.  You see otter kinfolk have no desire to go back to the 
life they had before.  They just bask in the sun and play all day for 
eternity, for they are immortal like many mythical creatures.

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