[Vfw-times] Need help finding artist websites & e-mail :-)

Rufinoform at aol.com Rufinoform at aol.com
Fri Jul 7 19:42:50 CDT 2000


I am making this posting in hopes that somebody will know where I can find 
and/or tell me the unknown e-mails and website URL's of certain artists who 
have drawn in my sketchbook.  All pix are of Vixina, a character I created 
based in my idea of the ideal mate, all the pix and sketches of whom can be 
seen at
If you look at that page, please be sure you read her bio first :-)  Thanx!

Here goes :-)

Done by Derrick Dasenbrock at Anthrocon 2000.  I have his e-mail, but not his 
website URL

Done by Sagalla at Anthrocon 2000.  I don't have the e-mail addy or the 
website URL for this artist.

Done at Mephit Furmeet 1999.  I don't know the name of the artist, the 
artists' e-mail or the artists' website URL.

Done by Bushycat at Mephit Furmeet 1999.  I have her e-mail, but not her 
website URL.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!  Thanx!

Cloudchaser Shaconage

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