[Vfw-times] Nice Rack and an Apology

Karva Iguana karvaiguana at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 28 18:43:17 CST 2000

Hi there,

I got Nice Rack # 6 posted now:


But here's the real reason I'm here:

I would like to say I'm sorry to Oren the Otter, and Kelvin the Lion.

You see, I asked for permission to use their characters in one of my wacky 
stories, and I did, but they...  Didn't like it.  I guess they thought it 
was in bad taste, or something.  Guys, seriously, I didn't mean anything bad 
at all.  I just thought it would be funny if you guys fought.  You know, 
because your characters normally wouldn't do something like that.  That's 
why I thought it was funny.  I'm sorry if you guys didn't like it.

Just to let everyone know, I took out the entire fight scene from Nice Rack 
#5.  If you haven't read it yet, then you're never going to know what the 
"fight" was all about, so don't worry about it.  For you guys would did read 
it, then please try to forget that scene, okay?

Once again, I'm sorry if I hurt anybody's feelings.  I feel really bad.  I 
hate it when I make people mad.

Thanks for listening.

May God Bless,
Karva Iguana

"A pure hand needs no glove to cover it."


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