[Vfw-times] story: Critter-Man (4/?)

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Thu Mar 30 05:36:40 CST 2000

Part Four

	"GONNA GETCHA!  GONNA GETCHA!" shouted Simon playfully as he chased his
prey.  With his unnaturally long limbs, he could have easily caught up to
Renny, but that wouldn't have been as much fun.  He wanted to play with the
coward first before ripping him apart.  Simon smiled at that.  The very
thought of physical violence seemed to fill him with the thrill of ecstacy.
 "But of course." thought that detached part of his brain.  "The critters
reproduce by tearing themselves or each other apart and the pieces
regenerating.  Violence would have to be desirable for them, and by
extension, for me."  Analyzing the desire didn't cause it to abate.
Instead, he got even further into the joy of the chase, shouting threats
	Finally, the chase led to Renny's home.  In a blind panic, the doctor ran
through the door, slammed it shut and locked it.  Finally safe, he leaned
back and breathed a sigh of relief.
	A black, clawed hand ripped through the door.
	For a moment, Renny could only stare as the claws groped about.  When he
regained his wits, he ran to the far end of the room.  
	Simon delighted in the power coursing through his veins.  With a mighty
shove, he pushed the door off of its hinges, causing it to come crashing
down with a resounding "THOOM!"  He smiled brightly.  This game was so much
fun, and when Renny was lying on the floor crying out for mercy, that would
be even more fun.  Simon stepped through the doorway.  There was Renny,
with a gun in his hand.
	Simon was surprised at how little it hurt when the bullet passed through
his chest.  In fact, it felt oddly good.  Then the next, then the next,
followed by a bullet through his stomach, and one through his shoulder.  It
seemed so strange that it should feel good to be murdered again.  As Simon
swayed dizzily, a final bullet passed through his brain.
	Simon giggled at the irony of it all as the world went dark.  He never
felt the impact with the floor.
	Simon Gerfallen was dead.  This time for certain.

-Oren the Otter
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