[Vfw-times] redecorating

Oren Otter orenoter at peakpeak.com
Sat Nov 18 00:22:37 CST 2000

hi, y'all!

I need some pointers on redecorating.
And yes, this is furry.

The apartment I'm now in is very small and entirely underground, to make
the most of it, I plan on decorating it like an actual burrow.  I have
"plants" peeking through from the ceiling, and I plan to add some
artificial tree-roots which can be used to hold things.

If the landlords will permit, I plan on repainting in a warm yet earthen

Can anybody else give me some tips?

And does anyone know any way to raise the threshold of a shower and turn it
into a very narrow tub?  I REALLY want my tub, but there's no space for a
full tub.  An otter's gotta have a tub!

Oren Otter
The Changing Workplace

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