[Vfw-times] Fortress Archive Gazette October 2000

Nathan Weaver kryses0013 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 1 14:09:11 CDT 2000

Fortress Archive Gazette October 2000

Hiya all, Wolf 0013 here.

Well, unfortunately, the monitor to my main computer
has blown a fuse; thus, I am now officially stuck on
my laptop until it’s fixed.

In other news, I sent an e-mail to transform.to
requesting an account so I could finally start setting
up the actual Fortress Archive, but I didn’t receive a

So, I’m about to start searching for a place to put to
site yet again.  Hopefully I’ll be able to find
someplace before this all starts to become an

Anyhow, lets move onto the section that you all
actually come for, the story ideas.

The Bermuda triangle, Atlantis, and the USS Cyclops

All you history buffs may know about the USS Cyclops,
a navy ship that disappeared in the Bermuda triangle
during the first world war, supposedly, the conditions
were most unusual, and the captain was extremely
eccentric.  The disappearance of the Cyclops is
considered by many to be the greatest navel mystery

Anyhow, the story plot I’d like to propose is rather
interesting I think, and I was tempted to do it

Imagine that the area known as Bermuda Triangle, is
actually the site of ancient civilization of Atlantis,
obviously, it’s gone now, however, an magic power
malfunctioning super computer did survive.  And has
set out to rebuild the civilization over time by
pulling people and matter into a dimensional fold and
transforming people into beings more in place with the
mythical civilization.

Okay, so morphic and mythic creatures don’t fit too
terribly realistically in such a civilization, maybe
the computer is also replacing the animal life of
Atlantis and the surrounding area as well.

Anyhow, with all that in mind imagine what would
happen if The Cyclops and a German attack ship get
pulled into this dimensional fold in the middle of a
big battle?  How do you think the crew of the Cyclops
would react to being thrown into strange
Fantasy/SCI-fi TF plot?  Do you think they’d continue
fighting the German ship during the transformation or
after?  How do you think a recreated Atlantis/ mythic
culture would view their past, and interact with the
crewmembers?  Or, how do you think the crazy old
captain would take it?

The plot is still very much incomplete I guess, but I
think it has a lot of possibilities.

Clay Voodoo doll

This just came to me all of a sudden, please note that
I mean no offense to anyone who practices the religion
referred too as voodoo or whatnot, I’m really no
expert on such religions so if there’s a more accurate
name, I’m afraid I don’t know it, sorry.

Anyhow, this plot-line is actually pretty simple, a
sculptor buys a cursed chunk of clay from a friend of
his that just happens to have belonged to a
witch-doctor type in the past.

And to put things simply, the sculptor starts turning
the clay into a sculpture of a animal, myth, or morph
of some sort, and as the sculptor messes with the
clay, the friend he bought it from transforms to match
the sculpture.

How does it end?  Well, perhaps the little sculpture
it put into a clay fantasy scene that the artist has
been working on, and his transformed friend gets
transported into a living version of that scene.  

Or not, this is really just a simple idea.

The Addiction

An average teenage boy comes across a magical paw
shaped scepter that has the ability to grant minor
wishes too anyone within a voice throws distance. 
Minor wishes being wishes that don’t disturb reality
too much, AI, you can wish that you are, say a girl,
but you can’t wish that you’re the empress of the
universe with an army of giant slug zombies at your

However, besides this, the talisman does have a few
kickers besides that, basically, not long after making
a wish, one loses an aspect of their humanity, that is
replaced by an aspect of a randomly chosen animal,
this is a sort of payment.  Another kicker however, is
that the process of making wishes and being
transformed, is extremely addicting, to put it simply
not long after the first wish, you feel like you
absolutely cannot live without making another wish and
losing part of humanity

I haven’t came up wish all the rules regarding this
process quite yet, one rule I’m certain of is that the
addiction fades away after a few hours time, thus one
can possibly stop, secondly, the transformation
involved with the wish isn’t painful, in fact it’s the
exact opposite.  It feels extremely good, and it’s
that feeling people would be addicted too.

The Adoption process

I’d like to see a story about two children being
adopted by kitsunes in a modern day setting.  And
slowly gaining Kitsune features, in effect,
genetically becoming the children of the Kitsunes.

This may seem like a simple enough plot line, but in
actuality it’d be most complex, not only would you
have to go into issues such as adoption and foster
families and such.  But you’d have to write about the
extra psychological oddities involved with children
both going through the adoption process and being
transformed at the same time.

Super-Hero furs

Notice you never really ever see super heroes that are
anthromorphics?  Well, this is a very loose idea, but
I think it’d be interesting too see a teenager being
inhabited by a strange symbiot, and gaining the
ability to become a morphic version of any animal he

Simple I know cliché too, but I thought that just
maybe I’d include it.


I’ve noticed that in most TF stories, if a character
is transformed into an anthropomorphic creature, they
basically keep the human mind intact, save for a few
instincts added.

Well, I’d like too see a story where the transformed
gains a mindset halfway between his human half, and
his animal half.

Kinda hard to explain what I mean I guess.  Well,
imagine that a person transformed into an
anthropomorphic dog, keeps his memory and
intelligence, but completely gains the mindset of a
real dog. For example a playful nature, loyalty, a
like for dog foods, and a lot more instincts then
usual, in this way, a story would have to focus more
on the aftermath of the transformation then the actual
transformation itself.


Anyhow, that’s the end of the story idea’s I’m afraid,
sorry.  Hopefully you’ll all find the ideas
interesting, as always, if you want to talk about any
of the story idea’s e-mail me and I’ll try to get
something set up for live chat.
                   Signed: W.O.L.F 0013

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