[Vfw-times] Ozfoxes Xmas cards and story previews

Oren Otter orenoter at peakpeak.com
Sun Oct 8 23:11:27 CDT 2000

Those cards are beautiful, and funny to boot!  Thanks for sharing those
with us.

By the way, I am finally finished editing "wired for Christmas", and will
soon return to writing more Critter-man stories along with a few special MK's.
for those who like teasers:
There is another culture clash as the people of Hipocc introduce their
favorite plant- one which camoflauges their homes quite nicely, but
threatens to breach the defenses of the Keep.  The only possible cure will
leave Metamor Keep, and the curse, changed forever!
He is strong, he is alien, he is indestructible...or is he?  Critter-Man
faces his greatest foe to date- one who has it in mind to deprive the Earth
of it's furry defender.  And things heat up between Simon and Rebecca.
Don't miss it!

Oren Otter
The Changing Workplace

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