[Vfw-times] Online article on Hell - Siberia drilling

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Thu Jan 25 17:48:54 CST 2001

I don't know exactly what to think of this article.  I have heard this a long 
time ago..how scientists were drilling down to study and listen to the moving 
of the geological plates in Siberia.  The drill started drilling freely like 
it was hitting an air pocket, and they thought they would be hearing the 
plates moving.  When they stuck the microphone down the hole, instead of 
hearing plates, they heard human screams.  They thought at first these sounds 
were coming from the drill, but then, they saw the drill wasn't moving or 
spinning - they had turned it off!  They were indeed hearing human screams.  
This site is one of 100,000 sites with this topic.   The url below has the 
actual sounds of the screaming.  I've listened to this, and believe me, it 
was very horrifying to listen to...it literally drew tears to my eyes, and I 
had to turn the sound down.  It is that bad.  The recording will have a man 
on there speaking about it at first, to prepare you for what you will hear - 
like I said...it is that bad.  :-(

Read the article - my husband said that he's going to check the integrity of 
this clipping.  But whether this is a hoax (and I really don't think, in my 
honest opinion it is - the sounds are too real), there is a literal hell.  In 
fact, the Bible speaks more on hell than it does on heaven.   

I thought you might be interested.  Here's the url:


Heartshot Foxley =^.^=
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