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Okay folks, this is my first story in a long time, and it's short,
really short, and the background has been completely left out.
In other words, it's a story focused completely around characters, not
on the world.  If you want me too write follow up's where, the world is
explained more and such, please let me know, but as is, I didn't want
too write a follow up and potentially ruin a happy little tail until I
knew if there was a need and a demand.
Also note, this story does actually have a TG reference, I know, I'm the
last person in the world you'd ever expect too touch it with a 20 foot
stick.  But don't worry folks, it's very minimum, this is a true TF
story before anything else.
They Stay the Same
                                    By: W.O.L.F
Sarah's eye's glazed over and changes flew through her body like fiery
water. Once again it was over before I even registered it.
"You're a fox this time Serah," I said dryly, "In more way's then one."
Serah glared at me with all the intensity an angry vixen could muster.
"Pervert." She said as a matter of fact.
"Hey I'm kidding I'm kidding," I gave her my best puppy dog look, which
considering that I'm currently a Siberian husky morph was pretty darn
"I know," she said stifling a giggle.  I don't think anyone would be
able too think like that after spending the day as a dragoness, at a
public beach none the less, I'm quite surprised they didn't arrest you
for indecent exposure."
"Hey!" I said in a half shocked half embarrassed tone, "How was I
supposed too know I was going too change in front of everybody.  I
would've stayed home, or at least brought a top or something.
At this point Serah was rolling on the floor with laughter, her clothes
were loose after going from a horse too a vixen, but they still fit her
pretty well, loose clothing and tail holes went a long way with sudden
transitions from one form too another.  In that respect, she's probably
handled all this better anyone else I knew.
"Do you miss thing being normal."  I said straight out.  
She stopped laughing suddenly, looked up at me and smiled, "Why, no."
"Not even a little bit?"
"Serah looked up out the window, a far off look in her eyes," well, she
said, at first I missed the stability you know, you don't realize how
comforting it is too have something too call you until it's gone."
I sat down on the couch above her and fought back the emotions within
me.  "And, it's different now?"
She looked up at me, smiling warmly, "What do you see when you look into
my eyes?"
"Well," I paused, "bright beautiful green eyes, the same you've always.
As I said this, she got up off the floor and sat down next too me. "You
catch on quickly, there's not a week that goes by where I don't change,
where I don't lose something, but I've kept my eyes, They're sometimes a
little different, but everyone who was changed that day, has always kept
their eyes."
She leaned into me, gently pressing against me, putting her arms around
me, and I've kept you, you've kept me, the more things change, the more
they stay the same.
I put my arms around her, locked in a gentle embrace. There we stayed in
each others arms, until the fire ran through me.  I knew I'd been
transformed, and everything came into view.  I looked across a now red
muzzle, into Sarah's eyes.
She smiled mischievously, looking into my eyes.  She licked her lips
and, mmh, what a fox!"
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