[Vfw-times] a letter of apology

Oren Otter orenotter at netzero.net
Mon Mar 12 19:30:45 CST 2001

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to put everyone's fears
to rest and explain that the reason I went offline was because i did not
have a phone line.

That said, I would like to make my first act upon returning to the internet
to correct some wrongs that I have done.  The following letter is intended
for the TSA.  However, since I cannot post to the TSA, I am posting the
letter here in hopes that those Furry-Worlders who are also in the TSA
could help me spread this around.

To the current and former membership of the TSA

Most humble greetings.
I can only hope that this message finds its way to those to whom I owe it.
To come straight to the point, I wish to say I am sorry.  Not in a hollow
way designed to sate the anger of the offended, but in an attempt to make
the restitutions which honor and right demand.
Each and every one of you, without exception, deserve this apology, as
there isn't one of you I have not wronged.  I confess to every one of these
things, offering as my only excuse an ignorance of etiquette, social
conscience, and to some degree even moral propriety.  I offer these excuses
not as any attempt to seek absolution, but to explain that in the course of
my rather rocky social life on the Internet, I have grown considerably and
look back on the actions of my former self with regret, shame, and
And now for the list of charges against myself:
First and foremost, I disrupted the peace of the TSA list not once, but
multiple times.  Because I disagreed with individuals on certain issues
which I felt very strongly about, I made my strategy to voice my opinions
loudly and goad my opponent into doing the same in order to force Thomas to
make a judgement I hoped would favor me in order to obtain peace.  I hadn't
even realized at the time I was doing it, but I was, and I was very, very
wrong.  Thomas, if you're reading this, this isn't a cheap ploy to get you
to let me back onto the list.  You not only had the right to do as you did,
but the obligation.  On the contrary, I do not think that you should let me
back on at all until you have proof of my change of heart.  My only request
is that you keep an ear open for that proof.
To Keith Morrison, I apologize on two accounts.  First, it was not what you
actually did with your "slaughters" which bothered me.  It was the spirit
in which you did it.  However, I am neither responsible nor fit to preside
in judgement over another man's spirit.  Secondly, I was wrong to portray
your character as I did in my comic strip.
To Brian Derksen and Jon Sleeper, I'm sorry for the messes I made in the
Blind Pig saga.  Now that I know how these shared universes work, I'll try
to be more careful.  I know I'll still make mistakes, though, so I'll ask
your forgiveness in advance as well.
To Chris O'Kane, I am sorry for fighting with you over the rules you
established for Metamor Keep.  That setting is yours and you should be able
to do with it as you see fit.
To Phil Geusz, I'm half sorry for the times I used your character without
permission and embarrassed you publicly.  Only half  because I know you
enjoyed them, too.  Wink wink.
To Kris Hare, I deliberately referred to you by your old moniker to hurt
your feelings.  I can offer no justification for that.
To Bengal, though I doubt you'll receive this, I'll say it anyway.  I knew
I was not paying enough attention to you and my only response was to make
the observation that we didn't talk much.  I failed you as a friend and I
lost you.  For this, my heart aches.
To Ramen, I accepted an accusation made against you without first checking
the facts.  You never abused ICQ.  You were just trying to be friendly, yet
I blew up at you for it.
And to a certain Snowy Owl, I have actually committed a crime by promising
goods you paid for which I did not deliver.  It is my intention to set this
right by not only delivering the promised product but a refund of part if
not all of the purchase price.
There is so much more I can apologize for, but if I listed it all, I'd
probably jam your mailboxes.  
Though, as I have made clear, I would never withhold forgiveness from
anyone who truly sought it, I could certainly understand if any one of you
could not find it within you to offer it to this miserable lout.  I can
only ask for the forgiveness I know I have not earned and promise that I
will endeavor hard in the years to come not to be the creature I was.
Thank you for your time.

Oren Otter
The Changing Workplace

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