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Story Idea's

Okay, this months Story idea's a slight bit rushed....  Why?  Cause I've been ill, I'll spare you all the details.

Anyhow, I should have a bit more time too pursue writing and art over the next month or so.  
So if you see a few quickies pop out from my little corner, don't be too surprised please.

The web site will be a slight bit delayed due too illness as well.

Well, onto the story idea's.

Shatter-Side Castle

one way in the day, another at night.  That's a common through-out the werewolf story lines, usually. But, this isn't a werewolf story.  Imagine a cursed castle, I know how original.  But imagine that once inside the castle you become a part of it's curse.  Mainly being that  you'll be cursed with two different forms, and an extra personalty.  During the day, the castle and all it's beings are perfect, it's paradise. At night.  It's, well, hey they don't call it a curse for nothing, but use your imagination.


This is a strange little idea.  actually very difficult too classify as a TF story, perhaps it's more of a challenge.  Anyhow, try too write a story about you yourself, making a mistake, a story where your own limitations are brought out into the open. Too often transformative stories are written in a matter that portrays the protagonist as the only one who's faultless. Perhaps you hurt others too make your dreams come true, perhaps you lie too yourself and other people. perhaps nothing really changes even though your body has.

I'm sorry.  This is a bit of a rant, in order too make it up too you all, all the rest of the story idea's will be complete 100% straight TF idea's, non of this overly philosophical stuff.

Revenge....  out of hand...er...paw

Have you ever seen a high school quest for vengeance?  It always starts over something stupid and at first, is harmless enough.  But eventually it grows into a hideous force that envelops everyone that gets close too it. So, what would happen, if a teenage witch and a wizard ,or any combination there-of, get into a quest for vengeance on each other what then happens?  Well, this is just a guess, but I'm thinking that at least an entire high school would get cough up in the magic, maybe even an entire town, or more.

Mayhap one casts a spell on the cafeteria food, cheap steak turns you into a wolf, mushy carrots, a rabbit, chunky meat balls, a bear, odd fish, a dolphin, cheese sand witch, a mouse. Or maybe those old field strips about animal behavior cause students too mimic the behavior, in class, as the real animals.  
Morphic or non morphic, you can't go wrong when magic and revenge clash in a typical cliche high-school.

Random thoughts

I often have random thoughts about what it'd be like too have a tail, or, "if he were an anthromorph, he's be a......"  and so on.  Well, this is a pretty simple idea.  What if those random thoughts you had every little day, became reality?   weather you wanted it too be or not.  Limitations, you can't change the way people think dramatically, only indirectly.  the other limitation is quite fun actually.  At first, people think it's always been that way.  But, the more you use the power, the more that illusion wears off, in other words, they remember.

Anyhow, that's as many limitations I'd EVER put down for that kind of story idea.  But then again, these idea's are free to be tampered with.

Transformative Flux

You are in a permanent state, of transformative flux.  You are never one species or one form anymore, you are consent albeit somewhat slowly always changing into some other species.  for example, your upper half is a wolf morph, but your lower half is a dolphin morph that's creeping upward and replacing your wolf morph parts.  But a few hours later you could be gaining eagle parts.

The plot lays here, how would you deal with such a consent transformation?  I mean is has got too be a  major hindrance too every aspect of your life.  Especially if you're the only one?  How would you handle it?

Limited Shape-shifter

Well, pretty simple, a sort of ironic "So close but so far type of deal."  You wake up one day and much of the world has become shape shifters due too... I dunno a virus or something.  But, You yourself, can take any form, except for the one you really want.

I don't know why I like this idea.  Maybe it's cause one needs limits and challenges, or not.

Advanced Evolution

Imagine what the face of earth would be like if all creatures evolved instantly too fit their needs and environment.  Now imagine you've suddenly been blessed, or perhaps cursed, with sudden and consent evolution.  If you're drowsing, you grow gills, if your cold, fur, if only grain is available, your mouth becomes a specially adapted flat toothed muzzle.  and so on, be imaginative as always.

Immersed in Fantasy

Actually this is a story idea that I may follow up on in the future, but it's open ended enough that many entries could be made into it. Imagine, if you suddenly got tossed around between the real world, and the fantasy world of one of your favorite stories.  Like The Rats of Nymph or perhaps something from the Lord of the Rings series or whatever, slight kicker, your obviously not a human in these worlds.  Now obviously simply being put into these worlds won't make for an instantly interesting story.  But if perhaps aspects of these worlds begin too overlap in time.  Well, I'll leave everything else up too you all.

Magic and Technology

What if a curse began too run rampant in a society far more technologically advanced then our own.  And it begins too interact with the science of the world and, well, becomes a part of the world?  Perhaps changes the world into a combo of swords and sorcery meets Star Trek.

I know, I know, it's been done hasn't it?

Interspecies relationships

Well, relationships are difficult, no matter what the condition.  Now imagine that somebody fell in love with say, a Dragon or Phoenix or some other LARGE mythical creature.  Now I suppose you could try too work it out, have a few awkward scenes that fall somewhere in between sad and hilarious.  But eventually I think they'd either call it off or one or both would have too make some 'changes'.  Like all relationships, I think it'd be best if they compromised, if you know what I mean.

Well, that's about it for the story idea's this month.  Just so you all know, I'm currently getting multiple people into this and turning it into a sort of online zine or some such, or perhaps a forum or some such.  The reason why is that I've gotten a ton of interest over the past year and there are obviously a lot of people with idea's out there that'd like too share em.

E-mail if you want too talk about this.
                                                     Signed: W.O.L.F
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