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Sat Nov 17 22:08:42 CST 2001

Sorry for not posting much on this lately.  As I said last time, delays, and
they aren't through with me yet.  part 9 will be posted whenever.

This part has the least polish done to it, basically because it's short.
Sorry it isn't longer, my muse is trying to play power games with my
conscious mind.

Please enjoy, and as always, comments welcome.

---- Shred with chainsaw here----

I looked up into the grey skies through the window and sighed.  The rain had
stopped, but I still felt terribly downtrodden.  I've left the room only
once since my mother set down the ultimatum.  And the one moment I had left
she yelled at me, telling me I had to change before I could leave.   She saw
me walking down the stairs and almost instantly she began sobbing and
crying. before I had a chance to make any sort of case though she grabbed
the telephone and rose it above her head as if she were going to throw it at

Despite the fact that she has never hit me ever I still quickly ran back to
my room at the sight of it.  Even now my head was still spinning.  I really
didn't know what to think.  I knew she loved me, if she didn't she would
have just let the council take me off of her hands years ago.

I turned around and walked away from the window slowly when something blunt
hit me painfully in the back of my head.  "Yeooch!" I exclaimed as I
staggered a few paces forward.  Slowly I turned around and walked towards
the window.  Looking down I saw Christia standing below my window holding a

"Hey what's the big idea?" I exclaimed while rubbing the back of my head.
"That really hurt!"

"Oh I'm sorry!" exclaimed Christy as she suddenly dropped the rock.  "I was
just trying to get your attention, I didn't mean to hit you."

You're forgiven just watch it." I paused, a thought suddenly occurring to
me.  "Hey what're you doing here anyway?" I asked in a perplexed tone, "I
didn't tell you where I live, and even if I did, why come to the window?"

"Well," she said before taking a deep breath.  "I took what I knew about
you, mainly your face or faces rather.  Then I looked up your picture in the
yearbook so I could get your full name.  Then I took the phone book and
systematically called everyone in town with your last name and asked each if
they had a son named Nathan that went to Greenwood Highschool."

She stopped and caught her breath for a few moments before resuming.
"Fortunately there aren't too many people who have your last name here in
Greenwood.  However when I called, your mother refused to let me speak with
you,  I thought maybe if I came by in person she would let me talk, but she
still wouldn't. You know your mother is a very uptight person?"

"Yeah, tell me about it." I said wistfully.

"Well at least you can tell that she loves you." She said with a smile.
"Anyhow I walked around your house here until I saw you looking out the
window.  So I thought I'd throw something inside to get your attention.  I
didn't mean to actually hit you though."

"That's alright," I said slowly letting all that information settle in. "But
exactly why are you here?" I asked bluntly.  "That's quite a bit of work
just to stop by and say hello."

"Of course," she said looking up at me with a smile.  "There's a Halloween
party being thrown tonight, and I didn't want to go alone so I figured,

"Hold on that sounds like I date," I said in a skeptic phone.  "Now I'm not
exactly an expert but isn't it strange to ask a person you just met out on a

"It's not a date!" she protested defensively, "its just two friends keeping
each other company.  Now what's wrong with that?"

"Nothing," I stuttered, "but I'm afraid I'm kind of stuck in as a Wolf for
the time.  And even if I wasn't, I'm kind of stuck up here, my mother won't
let me out of my room."

"Hold on, you're stuck as a wolf?" asked Christia with a curious glint in
her eyes.

"For the time being yes," I said plainly, "and it's gonna get worse, so a
party is out of the question."

"Oh come one," whined Christy pitifully. "Not even for a little while?
Everyone will assume your wearing a costume like they did at school."

"No," I answered sternly,  "That didn't work out too well if you remember

"If you come I'll give you a hug!" joked Christia impishly.

"What do you think I am?" I asked in a perplexed tone. "Some sort of
lonesome hormone driven freak?" I paused for a moment pondering my own
question. "Please don't answer that."

Christia laughed quietly to herself.

"Well if you don't come," she said with a mischievous smile. "I'll tell
everyone your secret."

My entire body tensed as she said those words.  That's every Myths greatest
fear, to be discovered, to have the entire world know about you, to poke and
prod you.  I shivered involuntarily, picturing myself being carried away by
a lynch mob, being sentenced to a doom for what I am.

"You, you wouldn't," I stuttered out awkwardly, "would you?"

"Of course not!" exclaimed Christia in a defensive manner. "Nobody would
believe me anyway," she paused suddenly, a sly expression forming on her
face. "However, can you really take the chance that I won't tell?"

I stepped back a few paces; stunned by the situation I was in.  On one paw,
a pretty girl wants me to take her out to a party.  Under normal
circumstances that'd be great, but on the other paw, I'm a werewolf, stuck
in my natural form due to the proximity of the full moon, to top it off this
girl is both confusing and strange.  How in the world is a guy supposed to
deal with something like that?

"Oh all right," I said in an annoyed tone, "But I can't be there long, I've
got other problems at the moment."

"Alright!" exclaimed Christy cheerfully. "Now get down here."

 "How exactly am I supposed to do that?" I asked while looking out the
window at the ground below.

"Jump." Said Christy in a casual tone.

"What?" I asked surprised.  "Do I really have to jump?"

"Oh you big baby," said Christia smiling.  "It's not that big of a drop."

"Oh all right!" I said frustrated.  Timidly I crawled through the window
onto the roof.  Slowly I got onto my feet, my knee's buckling as I looked
off the edge.

"Just get it over with and jump." Said Christy as she backed away from the
roof.    "It'll be easier that way."

"Easy for you to say." I said in a trembling voice.  "I'm not a cat you
know, I don't always land on my feet."  I looked up and swallowed before
jumping.   The world blurred for a moment as wind rushed around my body.
With a painful thud I unevenly landed on one foot before tumbling onto my
shoulder with a loud thud.

Slowly I started getting up off cold wet ground, ignoring the ache pangs in
my shoulder.  I felt hands grabbing me and helping me up onto my paws.  I
looked up and saw Christy.

"Are you alright?" asked Christy in a concerned tone as she helped me too my

"Yeah, I'm fine," as said as I finally got back onto my feet.  "Guess I'm a
bit of a klutz."

"I'd give you about a nine." Said Christy with a grin.  "Your technique
needs a little work but it looked like you just slipped on some mud or
something.  It looked like you were actually going to land that."

"Thanks," I said in a casual tone while trying to rub muddy dirt off of my
sore shoulder.

"Do you mind if we stop by my place first so I can change into my costume?"
asked Christia as she let go of my collarbone.  "It's not too far from here,
about a five minute walk if we take a few shortcuts."

"That's fine," I said once again casually.

"Thank you!" squealed Christy as she wrapped her arms around me and gave me
a tight hug.

"Whoa hey!"  I exclaimed "what is this for?"  Suddenly Christia let go and
jumped back blushing.

"What do you mean?" she stuttered, "didn't I say I'd give you a hug if you

"Yeah," I said while scratching my head. "But I didn't think you were

"Well I was serious!" she said while putting her hands on her hips.  "Now
let's go, we're making bad time."  At the she abruptly turned around and
walked away.  Halfheartedly I began to follow.  I suppose it wouldn't hurt t
o have a little fun among human kind one last time.  As for Christia, well
the council would be taking care of her.  Soon I wouldn't have to worry
about this strange girl interfering with my life.

-----End of part 8-----

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