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This TF Moment brought to you by Arghimgrowingclaws inc, taking advantage of TF&F's wussy copyright lawyer since 2001.

Wesley threw the dice and moved his counter to the next square.

"General knowledge," said the younger boy as his brother scratched his back. Aaron looked around uneasily. The elder child didn't select a card as the games rules said he was supposed to.

"Is the moon out?" he asked, rubbing his body as if in discomfort.

Wesley looked out at the bright, full moon peeping out from the clouds. He noticed the look of impending horror in his brother's eyes, the look of anxiousness.

"Yes. But you're not allowed to ask your own..."

Wesley's words died in his mouth as Aaron screamed in agony and threw himself onto the board, scattering pieces all over the floor. His hair turned grey and new growths of bristling fur sprouted horribly all over his face and throat. The boy's fingers lengthened and dug into soft carpet as he howled and writhed his way through an unspeakable transformation.

Wesley almost screamed as Aaron looked up with an imploring face at him, eyes filled with terrible pain, mouth twisting with new teeth sharpening along his lengthening maw.

The younger boy backed away as his brother gradually, excrutiatingly, became a rabid-eyed wolf. Shedding his clothes and writhing, twisting, snarling, the monster now looked as one who was hurting terribly and wanted to make others share in his agony.

Whimpering, the young kid ran to the door as his brother loped towards him, gnashing the air. He slammed the door and ran for his mother while Aaron grew and swelled throughout his tortured metamorphosis.

Wesley thundered downstairs to his mother's room and swung the door open wide.

Martha looked at him with baleful canine eyes, her soft flesh now covered in wire-like fur, a long tail hanging out bizarrely from her dressing gown. As she saw her son, her mouth fell open to reveal rending fangs.

Wesley burst into tears and hugged the seven foot tall beast's leg.

"He's doing it again!" he wailed.

* * * * *

Aaron squirmed on the floor, now laughing raucously as he twisted and turned through his changes. Suddenly he stopped and listened, wolven ears pricking.

"Look, Wesley. Don't let him tease you, of course the changes aren't painful! You'll find out when you grow up!"

The soft patter of werewolf footsteps accompanied by clumsy human child clomps up the stairs meant that mom was coming up. Half way through her transformation as well! Aaron hadn't realised she was going to be so mad.

"Aaron jones, you're in so much trouble!" snarled Martha. She burst into his bedroom and confronted an open window. Immediately she leapt through and followed the smaller loping silhouette.

Wesley grinned and dried his false tears, walked to the window and looked out. So bruv thought _he_ was the best actor, did he?


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