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Stage Sisters chapter 7

Written by & copyright of Andrew Cotton Wolfie8898 at hotmail.com

Featuring Laretta Morrigan (Cassie's rhythm guitarist) and Cassie

Cassie, the Rock & Roll Vixen
Laretta Morrigan

Please read chapter one, featuring Cassie and Laretta  and the beginning of 
this story, at
Please read the sequil, "When You Least Expect it" featuring Cassie at

All characters created by & copyright of Earl Bacon except Laretta, who is 
created by
and copyright of Andrew Cotton, Alex, who is created by and copyright of 
Donna Fritz
and Vixina, who is created by and copyright of Cloudchaser Shaconage.

The sun shone brightly on a pleasant, unusually crisp morning in the 
mid-summer as a
Ford Explorer SUV pulled into the parking lot Sahara Studios, just as it did 
a week
before.  This time, though, there was no heavy equipment to lug around.  
Cassie happily
agreed to allow Laretta's family to be at the studio for the important event, 
and Karen
was quite happy to take them all along in her car.

This meant a lot to Laretta, because for her, this was a very important day 
in her life.
She was to be officially inducted into Cassie's band, and she wanted to have 
everyone close
to her to be present.  Laretta quickly climbed out of the car once they 
their destination, eager to see Cassie again.  She was dressed very smartly 
for the
occasion, since it was an important event unlike performing for a live 
audience.  She wore
a conservative brown dress suit with a matching knee length skirt and white 
blouse, and
low-heeled tan pumps on her feet.  She also left her hair its natural black 
She clearly treated the meeting as a serious, respectable matter and wanted 
to look her best.

Laretta had almost crossed half-way across the parking lot without realizing 
she'd forgotten about her companions!  "Hey, wait for us!" called out her 
brother Edmond as
he and his wife, the two kids, and Karen hurried to keep up with her.  "Boy, 
you sure
weren't this excited the first time you came here!"  Laretta grinned and 
"Sorry everyone, but you're right, I am very excited!"  Edmond just smiled 
and gave his
sister a hug around her shoulders, "I don't blame you.  We're all very proud 
of you!"

Karen was the next to speak up.  "I have to admit, I'm really going to miss 
working with
you, Laretta, but I'm still very happy for you!  You definitely deserve to be 
Cassie's band!"  Laretta hugged her agent and friend, "Thanks, Karen.  I 
promise I'll keep
in touch with you!"

They had just managed to get themselves back together when a tall, beautiful 
emerged from the building.  Cassie had been waiting for Laretta to arrive, 
and while she
was very patient, she was also excited and interested in meeting Laretta's 

"Wow, it's her!!"  shouted Leanne the small wolf cub excitedly, "Auntie 
Laretta, look,
it's the pretty fox lady!"  Laretta chuckled and greeted Cassie.  "I hope you 
don't mind
my niece being this excited,"  she said after shaking hands with the vixen.  
"I don't mind
at all!"  replied Cassie with a grin, "I'm always glad to meet new fans!"  
She then turned
her attention to Laretta's companions, "It really is a pleasure to meet you 
all.  I was
so glad to hear of how supportive you were of your sister."

Eddie smiled as he shook hands with Cassie, feeling quite awed in her 
presence.  "Thank
you very much, ma'am," he replied.  "I think this is a great day for Laretta, 
and I'm so
glad we could be here with her today!"  Meanwhile, Leanne looked like she had 
she wanted to say, although she was quite nervous herself.  "Um, 'scuse me, 
Miss Foxy,"
she started, stammering.  Cassie bent down and smiled gently to the wolf cub, 
little lady, would you like to ask me something?"  The wolf cub wagged her 
tail nervously
as she continued, "Could I...uh...you'd be really nice if I could have your
autograph!"  Cassie grinned and patted the young cub on the head, "Oh, 
absolutely!  I
always give autographs to fans who are as nice and polite as you!"  Leanne 
smiled and
wagged her tail, seeing how nice Cassie treated her.  "Ooh, thank you!" she 
hopping up and down.  Laretta chuckled, "That's very nice of you, Cassie, but 
I hope we
can get down to business soon. I wouldn't want to hold things up any longer 
than necessary!"

Cassie generously gave a signed photograph of herself - seated on an 
amplifier and holding
a double-necked violet guitar - to the excited wolf cub, then everyone 
proceeded to
the building without objection.  When they entered the lobby, they found 
waiting there.  She was a snow leopard dressed entirely in black, which 
included her
"Metal Goddess" T-shirt, her leather vest, leather skirt, nylons, and 
snakeskin cowboy
boots.  'That blends in nicely with her charcoal-and-grey fur pattern,' 
Laretta thought,
as she also noticed her long silver hair, uniquely braided into cornrows.  
The feline
removed a dark pair of sunglasses and grinned as Cassie approached.  Cassie 
introduced the two females.  "Laretta, I'd like you to meet Cindy McCormick.  
She's not
only the greatest bass player I've ever worked with, she's also been my best 
friend for a
very long time!"  Cindy smiled as she shook hands with Laretta, "It's great 
to meet
you, Laretta.  From what Cass tells me, I think you'll fit into the band 
She paused for a moment to look Laretta over, "You know, I also seem to 
recall Cass
describing you a little more colorfully."

Laretta was slightly confused, but Cassie stepped in.  "It's okay, Cindy!  
Laretta just
wanted to look her best for the occasion.  I have to admit though, Laretta, 
that I'm
really not used to seeing you outside of your stage outfit!"  Laretta just 
"Don't worry about it, Cassie.  I'll try not to keep you confused!"

The three of them laughed, but soon settled down as their minds focused on 
serious business.  As Laretta went to get a drink of water, Cindy took Cassie 
aside to
talk privately for a moment.  "Did you tell her about Foxonian yet, Cassie?" 
the snow
leopard asked, noticing her friend's slightly worried look.  Cassie sighed 
and shook her
head, "No, I really couldn't bring myself to.  I just never know how people 
react, knowing about him and myself, and I didn't want to risk spoiling
Laretta's opportunity!"

Cindy frowned and twitched her tail, "You know she's going to find out one 
way or
another, Cass.  How do you think she'd feel if she knew you were hiding 
something from
her?"  The vixen nodded, realizing she risked doing more harm than good by 
Foxonian's secret so closely guarded.  "I just need to think of a way to 
break her the news
in just the right way," she replied, twitching her own tail nervously.  
Thinking for a
moment, she whispered her plan to Cindy.  The snow leopard smiled and nodded, 
and went down
a rear corridor, while Cassie returned to where Laretta was sitting.

They were seated at a small table when Andy came to join them, carrying an 
document.  It was the contract, which Laretta was eager to read.  "I think 
you'll find
our terms very generous, Laretta," said Andy as he offered her the contract.  
"Wow, you
can say that again!"  Laretta exclaimed as she read the entire document.  She 
was offered
a generous salary, more money than she ever made in her life!  It was also 
obvious that
Cassie really wanted to keep her, since the contract was fully legit and 
would keep her
signed on for at least five years, after which she could negotiate as a free 
Laretta didn't have to think twice about the offer.  She signed her name at 
bottom, closing the deal.

"It's official!" announced Cassie, "You're a part of our family now, 
Laretta!"  "Hey,
what about us?" piped up Leanne, who obviously didn't understand what Cassie 
Laretta chuckled, "It's just and expression, dear!"  She happily shook hands 
Cassie, "Thank you so much.  I promise you won't regret having me on board!"  
just smiled, "I don't think I'll have to worry about that!"

As this was going on, Cindy reappeared in the doorway and made a gesture to 
Cassie nodded with approval and turned to her companion.  "Laretta, before we 
this meeting, there's someone I'd really like for you to meet," she said 
calmly.  Laretta
just nodded as she rose from her seat and followed the vixen.  Cassie 
continued as
they walked, "You might be surprised when you see him, but you should also 
know that he's
very special and important to me."  Laretta seemed uncertain, but she knew 
that by the
way Cassie was talking, that this was a very important matter to her.  
Laretta nodded,
"I understand, Cassie.  Please, I'd really like to meet this person who is so 
to you."

Before either of the ladies said another word, they came face to face with a 
tall, dark
human male.  Laretta took a moment to size him up.  With slick dark hair,
expensive sunglasses, and dressed in a smart tailored pinstripe suit, Laretta 
thought he
might have been a corporate raider who got lost on his way to Wall Street!  
The man
just removed his sunglasses and smiled warmly at the she-wolf.  He had a 
twinkle in his
blue eyes and a sweet innocence in his smile that utterly betrayed his initial
corporate appearance.  "Hello, Laretta," he finally spoke while Laretta still 
about him, "I'm Foxonian, Cassie's agent.  It's a real pleasure to finally 
meet you."

Laretta politely shook his hand and smiled, though in truth the encounter 
took her much
by surprise.  Since it largely went against social custom for humans and 
anthromorphs to
work together closely on a professional basis, she was not expecting Foxonian 
to be a
human being.  Nonetheless, she knew she owed a lot to him for his approval of 
her to
join Cassie's band, and for that she cared nothing about his species.  
'Besides, he's kind
of cute!'  Laretta thought to herself as she grinned.

Foxonian continued to speak, "I must say that I'm very glad you accepted our 
Laretta.  You have incredible talent and a terrific personality that fits 
right into the
band, at least from what Cassie tells me.  By the way, did she not tell you 
that I was
a human?"

Laretta glanced briefly between Foxonian and Cassie as the vixen fidgeted 
"Well, no, she didn't," Laretta started, "Cassie, were you worried that I 
wouldn't approve
of being employed by a human, and that's why you didn't tell me about 
Foxonian being one?"
she asked.

Cassie sighed slightly and responded, "Yes, that's one reason.  There's so 
tension between humans and furries that I was afraid telling you right away 
would give
you serious doubts.  You had enough to deal with as it was.  There is another
reason, though..."  She had an uncertain look on her vulpine face as Laretta 
her curiously.

Foxonian had an understanding look on his face as Cassie walked over and took 
hold of
his hand.  "Laretta," she started hesitantly, "Foxonian and I share more than 
a professional relationship.  We also love each other deeply.  I hope it's 
not too hard
for you to understand, but you need to know about us if you really want to be 
a part of
the band."

Laretta looked at the couple quizzically and curiously.  She wasn't 
astonished or startled
by this revelation, but she really couldn't find the right words to say.  
Looking at them,
she knew there was profound, genuine love between them.  She was not about 
judge Cassie
any less just because of whom she loved.  "Cassie, it doesn't bother me at 
all that you're
in love with a human.  I've known lots of humans in my life, and I know there 
a lot of
good ones like Foxonian.  I can tell that he really makes you happy and takes 
good care
of you.  Besides, what you do with your personal life is none of my business 
at all."

She smiled at the couple, but Cassie still looked slightly uncomfortable.  
"I'm so sorry
I wasn't honest with you sooner Laretta," she said, "If we're going to be 
working together,
we need to be able to trust one another.  It was wrong of me to keep you in 
the dark for
so long."  Laretta smiled, "It's okay, Cassie, I totally understand.  Just 
tell me
about anything this important in future, okay?  I don't like seeing you worry 
that much!"  Cassie grinned and gave Laretta a hug, "Thanks, Laretta.  That 
really means a
lot to me."

It was Cindy's turn to speak up, "You know what?  This calls for a 
Vixina hurried onto the scene, clutching her fiddle by her side.  "Hey, y'all 
wuzn't gonna
git th' party started without me, wuz ya?"  Cassie flashed a grin at Laretta, 
Laretta, what do you think?  Feel up to an impromptu performance?"

"Oh boy, oh boy!"  Leanne squealed, "I wanna see them play!  I wanted to 
watch you last
night, but mommy and daddy made me go to bed!" she pouted.  Eddie chuckled, 
"Well, we had
a hard enough time just getting you to sleep, you know!"  Laretta seemed 
excited by the
idea, but she became instantly disappointed when she remembered one important 
"Oh Cassie, I'd love to play with you, but I didn't come prepared.  All my 
equipment is
still at home!"

Cassie didn't appear the least bit perturbed by this.  Instead, she walked 
off to
another room, and she returned carrying two guitars.  One was her favorite, 
the black Les
Paul classic, and the other was a purple 'Flying V'.  "Here Laretta, you can 
use this
one," Cassie said as she offered Laretta the purple guitar.

"Really, Cassie?  You'll let me use your guitar?"  Laretta asked, quite 
Cassie smiled and nodded,  "Certainly!  If there's anything you ever need, 
I'll be happy
to help you.  Besides, I've got more purple guitars than I know what to do 
she chuckled.

"Thanks Cassie!"  Laretta exclaimed, "I can't wait to play again!"  "Nor can 
Cindy responded, "I've been out of practice for too long.  My fingers are 
itching to
scratch those strings again!"  Laretta removed her suit jacket and rolled up 
the sleeves
of her blouse as Cassie, Cindy, and Vixina prepared their instruments.  It 
took Laretta
a moment to get the guitar adjusted and oriented to her left-hand style of 
playing, but
soon she was fully prepared.  All their friends and Laretta's family eagerly 
gathered to
watch the performance.

"Let's rock!"  Laretta announced with a fanged grin.  The group of ladies 
played with
all their skill and energy, and it showed.  Cassie and Laretta wove their 
together beautifully.  They smiled to each other, happy to be lucky enough to 
playing together for a long time to come.

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