[Vfw-times] Story: Logs of a Wanderer 4/6

Jason wyldsyde at idmail.com
Sat Oct 6 13:02:22 CDT 2001

As If Things Couldn't Get Any Worse Part 2


Log Entry 0004

Begin Recording.

Ok, finally. They really need to include manuals with these damn things. Its
hard enough trying to figure out how to work one without having to access
the help files installed in the unit, when you can't even figure out how to
turn them on. In case you're wondering, this is the first entry I've made in
real time, and I'm going to have to probably go back later and put in a few
before this to explain everything. Ah, well, I've got a long flight.

That desk job that I was hoping for never turned up. Seems fitting, as
nothing in my life has ever happened the way it should. I guess Fate sees me
as its own personal toy. It started on a Monday:



	Man, I really need to stop hitting my alarm clocks so hard. That's the
fifth one this month, and its only the 8th. Ah, well, if I don't get up
soon, the doctors will send in a nurse to get me up. And that usually
involves a bucket of ice water being thrown at me from the doorway to my
room. It's been almost 2 months since I was 'checked in' to the hospital,
and I still sleep here. Well, when you're classified as 'mentally
imbalanced', you just roll with the punches. At least nobody thinks I'm


	"If you're going to come in, do it. Sneaking in is the best way to get me
to notice you," I call, sitting up and pulling on a set of sweats.

	"Just testing you, Jason." It can only be the Doc, as he likes to be
called. "I've got some good news for you."

	"What? This is all just a dream?" I ask, turning to face him. The Doc isn't
much to look at, kinda frail, about 45 years old. Heck, a 2 year old with a
wet piece of string could probably beat him up.

	"Nope. Even better. You get out today."

	"WHAT?" My jaw drops. I can't believe this. The one thing I've been wanting
ever since I got in this place to begin with, and I get it? "Ok, Doc, what's
the catch?"

	"No catch, Jason, just orders. You've been found fit to return to duty, and
are getting transferred. Command has even decided to exempt you from the
rest of basic training."

	"C'mon, Doc, tell me what the catch is. There's no way, after what I've
been through that I'd get returned to active duty. At least tell me where
I've been posted."

	"Ok, here, read for yourself," Doc replies, exasperated, and hands me the

	Lets see. Yep, they got the name and serial number right, so these are my
orders. Transferred to Project Forge? What the heck is Project Forge, and
why do I get the feeling I'd rather not find out? Implantation of X59 cyber

	"Oh, Doc? What exactly are you doing with that injector?"

	"I guess there's no reason not to tell you. This is the X59 cyber unit."

	"Spill, Doc. X59? What, pray tell, is it? And don't make me have to get
rough," I say, chuckling. In the time I've been here, Doc and I have a few
running gags, and this is one of them. An outsider wouldn't get it, and I'm
not sure either of us got it anyways, but we both got a laugh every time I
say it.

	"The X59 is a cybernetic computer, the latest model. It's basically a very
complex, very expensive notepad and toolbox rolled into one." Doc starts
going into a spiel, reading from a small leaflet he pulled out of his coat
pocket. "The X59 is designed for the military operative on the go. The full
neural interface makes recalling downloaded data, making notes, contacting
team mates, and even ordering pizza for after the mission simply a mater of
thought. Additional features include:  full nanotech installation, nanotech
biorepair module, for agents who tend to get into trouble; and the ability
to control the nanotech systems to have the unit function as a full
infiltration kit."

	"Nice," I reply, whistling. This damn thing was top of the line! Why do I
get the feeling that I'm not going to be just a glorified toolbox at my new
post? "Ok, Doc, shoot me up."

	As Doc puts the injector against my arm, and presses the activator, I look
back at my orders. What the? Report to Darkside Base? Damnit! Why the spooks
and black project nerds? I knew there was a catch.


	After I said goodbye to Doc and the nurses, I reported to the spaceport for
my ride. It didn't take long for the X59 to set itself up, and before I knew
it, I had access to all of the basic functions, including this logbook. So,
here I sit, recording what's happened to me so far, reclining in the First
Class cabin aboard a short-range passenger shuttle, on my way to Darkside

	There's that feeling of impending doom again.

End Recording.

Log Entry 0004 closed.

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