[Vfw-times] Cassie story-Stage Sisters Ch6 :-)

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Wed Sep 12 16:25:28 CDT 2001

Stage Sisters chapter 6

Written by & copyright of Andrew Cotton Wolfie8898 at hotmail.com

Featuring Laretta Morrigan (Cassie's rhythm guitarist) and Cassie

Cassie, the Rock & Roll Vixen
Laretta Morrigan

Please read chapter seven, featuring Laretta and Cassie and the conclusion of 
this story, at

All characters created by & copyright of Earl Bacon except Laretta, who is 
created by
and copyright of Andrew Cotton, Alex, who is created by and copyright of 
Donna Fritz
and Vixina, who is created by and copyright of Cloudchaser Shaconage.

"Ladies and gentlemen of all ages and species, are you ready to rock?  
Welcome one and all
to the Lone Star Metal Round-Up!  You'd better all have your seat belts 
because you're about to be blown away by some of the hottest and wildest 
metal bands
around!  Get ready for three solid hours of the most heart-stopping, 
mind-blowing music you'll ever hear from the greatest rising talent in human 
and furry
heavy metal!  If that's not enough for you, tonight you'll also hear a special
performance from the most beautiful and talented vixen on the planet...Cassie 
the Rock
Vixen and her band!"

As if on cue, the crowd erupted into a screaming frenzy upon hearing the 
thundering announcement.  Multi-colored lasers lit up the air and smoke 
poured out onto
the stage as the first band emerged to perform.  The night was rife with 
energy and
ecstasy, and everyone was extremely enthusiastic for the concert that lay 

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