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Quality Television!

Written by & copyright of Andre' Cotton Wolfie8898 at hotmail.com

Featuring Cassie, Alex (Cassie's drummer), Cindy (Cassie's bassist), Laretta 
rhythm guitarist), Rachel (Cassie's keyboardist) and Vixina (Casie's fiddler)

Cassie, the Rock & Roll Vixen

Please read the prequil, "Surprise, Surprise!" featuring Cassie and her band 

All characters created by & copyright of Earl Bacon except Laretta, who
is created by and copyright of Andrew Cotton, Alex, who is created by and 
copyright of
Donna Fritz, and Vixina & Cloudchaser, who is created by and copyright of
Cloudchaser Shaconage

"Hey,Cass! You gotta see this!"  Cassie, the redfox vixen with the long black 
hair and
double slitted dress, walked into the main rec room where the rest of the 
band was
watching the TV.  "What's up, guys?" Cassie asked.  "Cass,it's Ozzy!" Cindy 
began, as
she tried to hold back the laughter.  "It's on Mtv. Ozzy invited camera's to 
film his
daily life off tour at his home.  You gotta see this!  This guy's hilarious!" 
 "Yeah, I
can't believe how funny this is!" Rachel said as she joined Alex and Cindy on 
sofa.  Cassie stood next to Cindy as she watched a one of Ozzy's dogs take a 
wizz on
an expensive looking rug.

"You bleedin' terrorist! Your in with Bin Laden, ya F***in *$$@%^" !!!!" Ozzy 
exclaimed, as
he chased after the dog on the television. Cassie let out slight giggle.  Of 
course both
Cindy and Alex were literally on the floor rolling around with howling 
laughter.  Rachel
stood near the tv and with her arms folder across her gothic blouse, simply 
closed her
eyes and shook her head.  Vixina was sitting on the floor in front of the 
others sitting
on the sofa, with her mouth open in shock.

After the show ended, Cindy got up and still laughing said, "Man! I gotta 
tape this show
when we are on tour!  Ozzy has really lost it!  And his old lady is 
Ms.Kruschev.!"  "I
agree!" Alex began, "This is terrific!  Better than Spinal Tap!"  "What do 
you think,
Cassie?'" Rachel said, looking at the vixen as she stared to leave.  "Well, I 
will stay
this" Cassie said to all others in the room," Do you want to have a camera 
crew follow
us around for a while, at all hours of the day and night?"  "Eww, No way!" 
Rachel said.
"Same here!" Alex said.

"Okay, I guess I can tell them to stop shooting then." Cassie said with a 
smirk and a wink
to Cindy.  "What are you talking about?" Alex exclaimed, "You mean that they 
been recording us all the time???'  "Whay din' yew tell us, Cassie?" Vixina 
said in
shock.  "Probably so it could be real, eh Cass?" Cindy said as she playfully 
jabbed Cass
in the ribs with her elbow as she stood next to the taller vixen.  After 
saying this,
the other members of Cassie's band looked aound the room with wide eyes.  As 
they began
to slowly  scan the room with their eyes and look under cushins,Cassie and 
Cindy both
broke out in howling laughter.

"Relax, guys! I'm just pulling you legs! There's no camera crew or deal! I 
would never do
that you guys."  At that, Rachel said, "I think she gave you guys an 
Special" moral lession.  Did you pick up on it?"  Alex, Rachel, Vixina let 
out a
collective "Yes".  "Not me.  I haven't learned a thing!"  Cindy said with a 
"That figures," Rachel replied as she looked at the laughing snow leopard.  
it, Rachel.  I gave up on this one long ago!" Cassie replied as she gave 
Cindy a playful
hug.  "So, what else is on that thar box, guys?" Vixina said as she grabbed 
remote. *click*

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