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Reaching the Limit

Written by & copyright of Earl Bacon Foxonian at aol.com

Featuring Cassie, Laretta (Cassie's rhythm guitarist), Slim (Cassie's chief
roadie) and Cindy (Cassie's bassist)

Cassie, the Rock & Roll Vixen

Please read the prequil, "The Furry Who Wasn't There" Featuring Cassie, Alex
(Cassie's drummer), Rachel (Cassie's keyboardist), Slim (Cassie's chief 
roadie) and
Dominic & Carmelita (both created for the story)

All characters created by & copyright of Earl Bacon except Laretta, who
is created by and copyright of Andrew Cotton, Alex, who is created by and 
copyright of
Donna Fritz, and Vixina & Cloudchaser, who is created by and copyright of
Cloudchaser Shaconage

It was around 11pm.  Slim,an otter-morph wearing work boots, jeans and a red 
t-shirt walked
up to the stage door.  He pulled out his keys that the palladium staff had 
given him.
As chief roadie for Cassie’s Band, it was his job to make sure that all the
equipment belonging to the band was assembled by his road crew.  Even though 
the show
wasn’t until tonight, he wanted to make sure that the lighting and stage 
props were in
place.  He and the rest of the crew had worked from 10 A.M the previous day 
getting all
the stuff unloaded from the semi the band rented into the Palladium and up on 

To many, it would seem an impossible task, but Slim and his crew were old 
pros at this.
The otter just liked to take one last look before he went to his hotel room 
to get some
sleep.  Slim had left with the rest of the road crew to a local bar to 
celebrate as soon
as they finished the main set up.  All that was left was the final electrical 
hook-ups and
the inspection by the local city fire and electrical inspectors.

As Slim went to put his key in the lock,he noticed that the door was un 
locked.  At first,
the otter was worried.  Did he forget to lock up?  After all,only he,and two 
other people
had keys, for security reasons.  Then he remembered who else had gotten a key 
to the last
two places the band had played.  Carefully closing the door, Slim saw a light 
on up in
the stage area.  He also heard electric guitar music coming from there.  Only 
one person
it could be at this hour.

Walking up back stage,the otter-morph saw just what he expected to see.  
Sitting on a
wooden stool, an atractive wolfess, wearing orange and grey dyed  
sholder-length head hair,
a red-bousier covered her two shapely, human-like breasts.  She had on a 
right-side slitted leather mini-skirt that had a very low waist band (started 
below her
belly-button).  Around her neck and on her wrists were spiked leather bands.  
On her
human-like feet were white, frilly ankle socks.  She wore black pumps with 
like heels on them on each foot.

With her legs crossed, her right foot off the floor, had one of the pumps 
dangling on the
edge of her big toe.  Just when it looked like it would fall off, the wolfess 
would raise
and wiggle her foot, causing the shoe to slip back on to her foot.  Then she 
would lower
her foot, causing the shoe to dangle on the end of her foot as before.  She 
this motion constantly as he played the left-handed, x-shaped, multi-colored 
guitar with her human-like, fur-covered hands, each covered in fingerless 
leather gloves.

Slim just shook his furry head in total disbelief.  Why did she have to 
practice 6
hours before the rest of the band showed up?  She did this for just about 
every show,
always asking that Slim or whomever caught her not tell Cassie or the rest of 
the band
about it.  He still didn’t know how she managed to get in every time.  Pick 
the lock?  Con
a key out of somebody?  As he watched Laretta continue to practice chords and 
riffs, he
felt that he had had just about enough of this.  Not only was she leaving the 
band open
to enourmous liability (an open door), she herself was running the risk of 
arrested for breaking and entering.

The otter knew that he had told the wolfess at the last arena that he caught 
her that this
was the last time.  Next time,he went to Cassie about it.  Either she forgot 
or didn’t
care.  No matter, Slim thought as he turned to leave.  He warned her.  Later 
afternoon, the rest of the band had gathered to practice.  It was a 
full-dress rehersal
before the show.  Slim headed down toward the dressing area.  As he did so, 
he happened to
see Laretta.  "Hi Slim,What’s new?" the wolfess said.

"Just who I was looking for.  Come with me." Slim said as he motioned for 
Laretta to
follow.  "Is this about last night?  I thought I saw you backstage watching 
me play.
Listen, I’m sorry about that.  Let me explain.." Laretta said as she hurredly 
the otter.  Slim then stopped and turned to face Laretta with a stern look.  
"You gave me
your word.  No more unauthorized pratricing.  Do you know what you are 
leaving your self
open to?  Playing alone in a place like this at that hour?  Obviously not.  
So, we're going
to see the Boss about it."

They appoached The Rock Vixen’s dressing room door.  "Hey Cass, Are ya 
decent?  I gotta
talk to ya.  Laretta’s here too," the otter bellowed at the closed door.  "Of 
Slim!  Come in." came a slightly sultry voice from the other side.  When the 
otter opened
the door, he got a sight that made him pull out his hankerchief to wipe his 
head.  It was
a red fox vixen-furry morph with very long dark full-head hair.  She had on a 
neck choker
with a large oval blue gem in it’s center around her neck, a low cut light 
sleeveless dress with a thigh high slit up her right side and a yellow belt 
around it’s
waist.  The vixen was sitting on a chair with her right shapely leg raised up 
to 45
degree angle.  The vixen was pulling on a light brown nylon RHT stocking in a 
slow, sensuous motiton.

"Gezz, Cass. You trying to give my old heart a work out?"   Slim said as he 
gazed at
the lovely leg being caressed by the nylon stocking.  "Why Slim," Cassie said 
as she hooked
up her stocking to the two garter straps coming from the belt she wore under 
her dress.
"Did you think I was trying to seduce you?"  "Har, Har," Slim began, noticing 
that Cassie
had now shifted her postion on the chair so now that she was facing the otter 
continuing to put on her other nylon stocking,  raising her left leg so that 
her left
human-like foot was level with the otters nose.  It gave him a good view of 
her light
blue satan panties she work under her dress,  which was probably the idea 
Cassie had in
mind.  Anything for humor at Slim’s expense.

Laretta stood behind the otter giggling at the scene before her.  At least if 
Slim was
going to get her in trouble, she was going to get a good laugh at his 
however small it was.  "Okay Slim," Cassie said as she hooked the rear garter 
strap on
her left leg and lowered her left foor to the floor "What’s on your mind?"  "I
’ll save you
the trouble, Slim.  It’s about me." Laretta said as she entered the dressing 
Cassie turned to look at the wolfess and said "Okay,go on."

With a deep breath, Laretta began.  "I have been coming to every place we 
have played
since the tour began just after the road crew leaves, usually around 11pm.  I 
bring my
little practice amp.  I usually find a stool or other chair and I practice 
for a few hours.
I like to stay in shape, Cassie.  If I don’t my playing suffers.  I don’t 
want to let
you down.  You have given my a break that I never thought I would ever get.  
I-I just
didn’t want to be a b-bad player.  I’m so sorry Cassie!" Laretta then put 
her gloved hands
on her eyes and began to cry.  The vixen stood up and walked over to wolfess 
and gave her
a hug.

"Shh.It’s alright.  It’s alright.  I know that you are doing what you 
thought was right, but
you really shouldn’t be here when we aren’t.  You could get in a lot of 
trouble and you
could get me in trouble as well."  "S-Slim said that when he caught me 
before.  Oh,Cassie.
I begged Slim to keep quiet.  I didn’t want to get you in any kind of 
trouble!  Oh,what have
I done?" Laretta cried.  Cassie looked at the wolfess’ face and said, "You 
are tired of
all this, aren’t you?"  "No! *sniff* No!  I’m not!  I just want to give you 
my best.  I
can’t help that I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  It’s who I am.  Please don’t 
thow me out of
the band or off the tour!"

Cassie then let out a laugh and replied "Don’t worry, Laretta! I didn’t mean 
that.  I
just think you are getting a little burned out.  That’s all.  Don’t be 
ashamed!  It happens
to the best of us.  I was going to tell you guys this later, but you need to 
hear it
now.  This is our last gig for a while.  Foxonian and I want to spend some 
time with
each other, so we decided, if you all will agree with us, to take a year off. 
 No studios,
no promtions, no concerts, just having a rest.  That sound okay?"  Laretta 
nodded and
smiled as she dried her eyes with a tissue from Cassie’s dresser.

"I should have known." Slim mused.  "Why is it when I go to all the trouble 
of barging in
here to report something, I end up keeping my mouth shut."  Cassie giggled 
and gave Slim
a kiss on the forehead and said "Thanks, Slim.  You always say the right 
things at the
right time."  "Guess I do.  I’ll have everything on target for tonight.  
Thanks for
the vacation.  I’ll tell the rest of the guys.  We are going to get a 
bonus,yes?"  "You
bet!" Cassie said as she put on a pair of her light blue,autographed pumps.  
opened the door and turned to leave.  She said "Cassie, you are such a good 
friend.  Thanks!"

The vixen smiled and said "You are a good friend to me also.  No problem," as 
she walked
out the door of Cassie’s room and down the corridor, she heard a voice that 
said "Hey,
Orange!  Guess what?  Were taking a year off!"  It came from Cindy, the 
band's snow
leopard bassist, who began to call Laretta "orange" (for her hair color).  
Laretta watched
as the Cindy, also wearing a leather mini-skirt (no-slit), leather biker 
boots and a black
t-shirt with the words "you go a problem with me?" on gold letters across the 

"Cassie just told me, I think it’s great!" the wolfess said as she met Cindy. 
I’m looking forward to it," the snow leapord began.  "I’m gonna go across 
country on my
Harley again.  Gotta check up on some old friends and such.  What are you 
Laretta smiled and said "I know one thing.  I’m going to play a little less 
guitar than I
did before."  Cindy gave Laretta a slight smirk (or as close to that as you 
can get on
cat’s muzzle) and replied "I find that hard to believe."  "Believe it.  I 
promised a friend
I would."  The wolfess turned to return a wink that a red fox vixen gave her 
as she
passed both the wolfess and the snow leopard on her journey down the 

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