[Vfw-times] MK Winter Assault part 92 - The story teller - The last part!

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   The room was silent went the story teller finished speaking. He wasn't 
surprised as most of his audience was asleep. In his lap his daughter looked 
up at him with sleep filled eyes.

   "You've never lost your magic as a storyteller Muri," an adult voice said 
from the doorway to the room.

   Looking up he saw a male fox morph and a female otter morph stood just 
inside the room. In spite of the fine burgundy silk shirt and pants he was 
wearing his missing left ear and the long scar that ran along his muzzle 
still gave him the look of a street thug. Hardly the image of a wealthy 
nobleman and his wife showing off their new home.

   "Thank you Caroline but I can't all the credit. The story tells itself. 
The party is still going on?"

   "Beginning to wind down a little," Misha answered. "It is after two am you 

   "Your wife has been asking for you," Caroline commented. "You promised her 
a dance."

   Muri carefully stood up, still cradling his daughter. With care he 
deposited here on a soft blanket in a corner.

   "Me like story," a soft voice said.

   He knew without looking up that it was Madog. The automation was sitting 
in a corner by the window. Muri hadn't seen the metal fox arrive or how long 
he had been listening.

   "Thank you. Did you like your part?"

   The metal creature nodded. "Me not fail. Castle not taken," he said with 

   Caroline took Muri by the hand and pulled him slowly towards the door. 
"You have a dance date. Don't worry about the kids, Madog will watch over 

   Muri allowed himself to be pulled through the door and into the party. 
Among his friends and family.

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