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The Furry Who Wasn't There

Written by & copyright of Earl Bacon Foxonian at aol.com

Featuring Cassie, Alex (Cassie's drummer), Rachel (Cassie's keyboardist), 
Slim (Cassie's chief roadie) and Dominic & Carmelita (both created for this 

Cassie, the Rock & Roll Vixen

Please read the prequil, "Quality Television" featuring Cassie and her band 

All characters created by & copyright of Earl Bacon except Laretta, who
is created by and copyright of Andrew Cotton, Alex, who is created by and 
copyright of
Donna Fritz, and Vixina & Cloudchaser, who is created by and copyright of
Cloudchaser Shaconage

Dominic wasn’t all that sure why he was here.  He knew that the youngest 
tended to hang out
at these kind of events.  After all,if you survive by drinking someone’s 
blood, shouldn’t
you try to get the best  at hand?  Yet,he was uneasy.  It had only been 10 
scant years
since the handsome, collie furry-morph became romantiaclly involved with a 
human woman
named Carmelita.  She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Little did he know that she also happened to be a 300+ year old vampire.  
Despite this,
he loved her dearly.  It saddened him the day she told him that, despite 
their love,
she couldn’t go on any more and wanted to release  herself from the curse.  
After one
final night of passion, Carmileta walked over to the window of the bedroom 
and as the
sun began to rise,stabbed herself in the heart with a wooden stake.

Dominic heald back tears as he remebered finding the dying vampire.  As he 
held her in
his arms, she whispered to him, "I’m sorry, My Love.  I should never have 
bitten you.
Forgive me..."  With that, Carmilita’s body disintigrated from withered 
flesh, to bone,
then to a pile of dust.  Over the next ten years,Dominic discovered just what 
that lovely,
old vamp had done to him.  Unlike human vampires, the usual things that 
destroyed them
didn’t seem to affect him. he could walk in the sunlight, wasn’t replused by 
and (possibly due to his gentetic background) his skin was practcally 
puncture proof.
No wooden stake could ever work on him.  He also didn’t seem to age.

The one thing, however, that replused Dominic about the change to his body 
was the craving
for blood.  He tried to use animals that he either found abandoned (like 
stray cats)
or purchased (like rabbits).  But, once he tasted the blood of a human or a 
(in both cases, he tried to control the bleeding of two accident victims he 
came across)
he discovered that nothing else would satisfy his almost insane craving.

Carmilita had left him a substantial amount of money in her will.  The result 
of 300+ years
of acquireing.  This gave the collie-morph some discresion on how and where 
to select
his "food sources".  Mind you, Dominic didn’t drink blood solely to survive.  
He also
ate regular food as most vamps did.  But, without new blood to refresh his 
own, his body
would slowly shut down and death would be the result.  Dominic knew this 
first hand.
His personal disgust for his blood compulsion had led him a few years before 
to try to
fight his cravings and to abstain from taking blood, no matter what happened.

It was the worst time of his life.  It felt like he was being flayed alive.  
The pain was
so severe,that he spend three days screaming at the top of his lungs.  By the 
night of
the third day of his "fast," the hansome collie-morph looked like a thin, old 
dog who
had spent his whole life in a POW camp.  His eyes were wide and glossy and 
his muzzle
was twiching errratically.

Suddenly, a knock on the door of the house that he was staying in.  Dominic 
With almost incredible speed, the collie-morph ran to the door and pulled the 
dark-suited young man into the house, pinning him to the floor.  As dominic 
sank his
inch-long cannine fangs into the man’s neck, he was unconcerened about the man
’s screams
or the pamphlets from the Mormon Church that lay strewn across the 
blood-stained floor.

Dominic closed his eyes drank and drank like a man who had been dying in the 
desert and
and put his face into a water-filled pool.  When he finished,the collie-morph 
looked down
at his victim.  The young-man’s body resembled a dried-out egyptian mummy.  
had drained the man off all his blood.  As he stood to rise, the collie morph 
caught a
glimpse of himself in the mirror that hung by the front door.  He was back to
his young, hansome self.  It was as though none of the hell he had put 
himself through
had ever occured.  His pain was gone, plus he had an almost euphoric high.

Knowing that this man would be missed (especially if he was a Morman 
Dominic began to prepare his departure.  Since most of his possessions were 
still at
large mansion he inherited from Carmilita down in Mexico, he didn’t feel bad 
torching this place. After all, he usually rented property in case an 
incident like
this should ever occur and he would be forced to go "underground" again.  
Making sure that
the body as well inside the house, the collie-morph went into the kitchen 
turned on the
gas jets and closed all the windows.  Just before he walked out and closed 
the door,
Dominic thew in the lit match and ran.

"Man!, wasn’t that a great show, or what?" a very excited Alex said as she 
the dressing room she shared with a gothic looking deer-morph femme named 
Rachel.  "Alex,
you always say that after ever show we do." the deer femme said to the arctic 
fox femme
who was sitting in front of the other vanity mirror.  "Yeah, I know," Alex 
said as she
removed her stilletto heeled sandles and wiggled her white furred toes on the 
end of her
human like feet.  "Still, I think it was a good show."  Rachel smiled and let 
out a
slight snort, before she resumed touching up her white-gothic makeup on her 


"Sorry. We don’t want any!" the arctic fox exclaimed.  ""Come in,it’s open" 
Rachel said.
The door opened to reveal a tall, red fox vixen morph with long, full 
brunette colored
hair that went down her back to her tail root.  The vixen had on a light blue 
dress, slit
on her right side. The slit revealed two shaply-human-like legs and feet.  
Both legs
were covered in red orange fur that changed to black  below her knees.  The 
vixen had
light brown nylon seamed stockings hooked with garter straps on both legs.  
The top of
the sleveless dress was low-cut, giving support to two large-sized shapely, 
orange and
white fur-covered breasts.  Around the vixen’s neck was an black leather 
choaker with an
oval blue gem in the center.  The overall look of the vixen-morph was that of 
being sexy,
but sophisticated as well.

"What’s up, Cassie?"  Rachel said to the vixen standing in the doorway.  
Cassie began," Do you know a collie-morph by the name of Dominic?"  "Dominic? 
 No.  I
don’t think so.  Why?" the deer-morph said as she began to walk over to where 
was standing.  "He claims to know you.  Quite well.  He’s over by the back 
door.  Do you
want me to have the security guys get rid of him?"  Cassie asked.  Rachel 
replied as
she walked by Cassie and headed toward the door.  "I’ll see what he wants.  
Could be he’s
just another of my ex’s old friends looking for money. Don’t worry."

"Sure you don’t want me to come with you?" Alex asked.  "I know a little 
judo!"  "Don’t
worry, kiddo.  I can handle myself," Rachel said with a smile.  "Thanks for 
offer, anyway."  "Be careful, Rachel.  I’ll be near the backdoor talking with 
Slim, so
we will be keeping watch." Cassie said as she followed the deer femme to the 
door.  As
Rachel approached the tall, collie-morph standing in the door, she didn’t 
Cassie walking into the room next to the stage door.

She couldn’t take her eyes off the collie morph.  Rachel felt her heart 
racing in her chest
as she approached the most handsome furry-morph she had ever seen.  In his 
hand, he held
a single black rose that matched the one that the deer-femme wore around her 
neck  "I saw
your performance tonight, Rachel.  Please take this from your biggest fan," 
Dominic said as
he held the rose out to Rachel.  With trembling hands,rachel accepted the 
roase and gazed
into the strangers’ beautiful eyes.  She didn’t know what was happeneing to 
her.  Why was
she acting like this man was a god sent to make her wildest dreams come true? 
she couldn’t resist.  She felt like she would swoon any minute, but she 
managed to keep
her composure.

"T-th-thanks.  You are named Dominic??"  Rachel said in trembly voice.  "Yes. 
I am. And I
am in love with you.  I hope you are me" Dominic then reached out and kissed 
deer-femme’s hand.  While this was going on,Cassie glanced over in the 
direction of Rachel
and her "guest,"  She had to admit, dressed in that expensive tailored suit 
and tie,
the collie morph was certianly a looker.  He obviously was quite well off, 
judging by
his clothes.  Yet, there was something about him, Cassie couldn’t quite put 
her finger on
it, that struck her as odd.

"Slim, what do you make of that guy taking to Rachel?" the vixen asked the 
otter in jeans
and wearing a T-Shirt that said:" Cassie’s band Road Crew".  "Hmm.Looks like 
he’s either
a porn star or a business exec.  Why do you ask?" Slim asked as he looked in
Rachel’s direction.  "I don’t know.  It’s none of my business who Rachel is 
seeing, is
it?" Cassie said with a slight sigh.  "Your damn right it isn’t."  Slim began 
as turned
and looked up at the vixen, "Look Cass.  I know you care about Rachel, Alex, 
and Laretta.  But,they are big girls and know as much as you do and you are 
not their
mother.  You have to think of yourself as just their boss and leave it at 
that.  The
band isn’t their life, nor should it be yours, dig?"

Cassie reached down and gave the otter a peck on the cheek and said "You're 
right as
usual, Slim.  Now I know why I have you on staff."  "And I thought it was 
because I was such
a STUD!" the otter said with a perfectly straight face.  "You wish!" Rachel 
said as she
came over to join them.  Cassie noticed that the collie-morph had left.  "I 
take it you
knew this Dominic fellow." Cassie asked.  "Yes I do.  And I love him a lot." 
Rachel said
as she smelled the black rose.

Cassie was going to say something,but held her tougne.  "Cassie,since this is 
the last
show for a while, how soon do plan to go back into the studio?  I would like 
to spend
some time with Dominic" the deer-femme asked  Cassie gave Rachel a hug and 
said "Not for
a bit.  Spend as much time as you like with him.  I’m so happy that you found 
you love."  "Thanks Cassie," Rachel began, I don’t think I been so happy."

As Dominic walked away from the stage door,he felt conflicted.  Yes,he did 
love the deer
femme from the moment he saw her playing her keyboards in this night’s 
concert.  But, he
also felt that he was betrying Carmilita in some way.  True,she was dead, but 
his love for
her was still as stong as it was now for Rachel.  Then there was his own 
problem.  How
could he tell her.  Could he EVER tell her?  It was the cowning irony of his 
life.  He came
to the concert looking for fresh game, but fell in love instead.  At least he 
not condemn Rachel to his personal Hell.

He vowed not to take her blood.

No matter what the cost.

But could he resist?

Time would tell.


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