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TBP - Zach's Story

By PJ Skunk 
pj_skunk at vulpine.transform.to

Author's note: This is my first attempt at writing a
story in The Blind Pig universe, and probably the
first time I actually finished a short story. Zach is
an almost exact representation of myself with only a
few minor differences.
 Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story since I had a fun
time writing this one. 

'So bored...'

'What to do, what to do?' Thought Zach, as he absently
bagged groceries for a norm customer.
'Same routine time and time again, this is getting
really dull.  I've already been on this job for at
least two weeks and bored already, how pitiful.'

	As he begun to daydream again, he suddenly felt a
really sharp pain in his left hind paw.  That brought
him back to reality.  He was about to yell at that
person who ran over his foot with a shopping cart, but
decided not to; instead he just nodded at the norm
customer and rubbed his foot paw gently. 

	For as long as he could remember, Zach had always
been very reclusive, rarely going out in public.  This
was because he had a really terrible fear of being
with other people; it was so terrible that he had
isolated himself.  With only his videogames, music,
and small circle of friends to keep himself company. 
He knew he had really bad problems, but merely
shrugged it off.  When anybody asked, his only reply
was "nothing, nothing at all."  This bugged him of
course, but he always kept an expression of calmness. 
But this was just a mask to cover his true feelings;
feelings of both shame and guilt that have haunted
him, only his eyes betrayed the mask he always wore.

"Hey Zach, how long are you just going to sit there?" 
Said someone at the next check out counter.  A hot
looking vixen, who was almost as old as Zach.  Quickly
the lapine scratched one of his long ears and replied
with an embarrassed look on his short muzzle; " Ummm,
not too long I guess."
"It is not like we are having a sale or anything,

"Well, you should at least make yourself look busy
just in case the manager shows up." said the gray
vixen with a growl.

"I'll try to keep that in mind."

	After about twenty minutes of very little activity in
the store, Zach decided to go look for something that
needed to be done.  All the while he thought about
what happened to him, all those many years ago.  'How
long has it been six years, eight; since he started
taking advantage of me, or was it the medicine that
-They- insisted on giving me that forced me to stay in
the submissive role for so long?'   These questions
have been on Zach's mind ever since he visited a
friend who lived at least a couple states away from
him.  When he was with this friend he felt so secure,
that he was able to get many things off of his chest
that he had always kept secret and had felt too
ashamed to speak about.  After a long talk with his
most trusted friend, he felt much better as tears that
had been held deep inside for many long years were
allowed to flow freely. Being hugged and comforted had
made Zach realize who he really was, for the first
time in his life. 
	As he saw that there was a small puddle of water that
was obviously coming from a pipe that had separated
from the joint, Zach swiftly got the mop and bucket
out and started cleaning the mess up: all the while
humming a tune to him-self.

	After finishing that up, he went into the backroom
and got a wrench to fix the offending leak. Slowly he
shifted his gaze upon the fresh looking cabbage and
lettuce and started to feel quite hungry, remembering
that he missed breakfast. It took him only a couple
turns and then it was done. He looked at his watch and
said to himself excitedly  "Woohoo, quitting time."  
He then quickly went to get his time card, sprinting
so carelessly that he nearly tripped on his oversized
feet-paws.  It took him only a second to punch out
then he was off to the car.  Deciding to stop at home
first, he sped off at break-neck speed.

	The drive home was always refreshing for this
rabbit-morph, since he rarely got outside: Other than
to drive to and from work.  But, as Zach got halfway
to his apartment he remembered that his girlfriend was
not home yet and decided to take a nice ride out into
the country to find a nice calm spot to graze and to
calm his nerves, since he had so many things on his
mind.  Where he was going was about a half hour away,
it was a sort of park area with many different types
of great tasting vegetation that provided good cover
for a nice long snooze after filling your belly with
fresh greens.  At that, he thought about how much he
enjoyed being in the woods, all by himself without the
turmoil of city-life.  
	To Zach it had always felt natural to be there ever
since SCABs changed him, it become more of a truth;
since, his genes were derived from 'wild' relatives
that were common to most of North America.  So much
that most of the lapine instincts were ever present.
But, they had turned out to be more of a blessing than
a curse.  Saving his life more than once in fact, with
an incident that happened a couple of weeks after the
'Flu' had run it's course and changed him into a 120
lb morphic cottontail rabbit.  As he grazed he thought
about how he met his musteline girlfriend.


	It was during the spring months, around April; after
being cooped up in his house for at least two long
months, Zach started to become very anxious, so
anxious that he started feeling quite hungry.  Very
quickly he made up his mind and decided to venture
outside.  But, as he padded over to the front door and
opened it, something caught his eye across the street.
 It appeared to be a dark shadow slinking around some
garbage cans, that a neighbor had forgotten to put
away.  Since it was still around 3:00 PM and sunny, he
assumed it was just the lighting playing a trick on
his semi-lapine mind.  Quickly, but cautiously he
hopped onto his front lawn, searching for some sweet
tasting weeds to munch on.  As the rabbit became a bit
more relaxed in a nice shady spot underneath a large
oak tree, he started to graze a little; suddenly there
was a slight rustling in a nearby bush. Quickly, Zach
perked up his long ears and started sniffing the air. 
What he smelled was a scent that was unfamiliar to
him.  As curious as he was, Zach decided to question

"He...llo?"  But there was no response, only the sound
of the wind.  He tried again this time a bit louder. 

"Anyone, there?"  This time there was a growling
sound, right behind him.  As Zach turned his head, he
spied a mean looking gray colored weasel that was
obviously hungry for rabbit.

	But unknown to Zach at the time the weasel was
actually a mustelid full-morph who happened to be
wearing some type of scent-killer to mask her
approach.  All that the shocked cottontail could say
was a stunned "Damn it."  Suddenly his instincts took
over and he was off like a bottle rocket, running to
nowhere in particular with the weasel about a yard
behind him.  With the tiny mustelid closing in, the
rabbit got a great idea.  As he was nearing a brush
pile, Zach slowed down a little and gave the weasel a
swift kick in the nose causing the weasel to swerve
into a toy dump truck that dazed her only for a couple
seconds.  As that feeling wore off, the weasel got
really pissed off, so pissed that she started hissing
loudly.   That gave Zach a head start with his
adrenaline pumping at full, which made him madly dash
toward some nearby swimming pool that happened to be
	As he started to calm a little, Zach decided to rest
a little. But, he remained cautious with that weasel
still trailing him.  Stopping a few inches from the
pool, he thought about using some tricks of his own. 
He stood up on his hind legs and looked around for a
safe hiding spot since, he can't seem to scent the
woodland predator.  "Ha, there's the perfect spot." he
whispered to himself.  It was a pile of PVC pipes that
were barely wide enough to hide himself in.  It was a
tight fit, but Zach was able to fit in with little
discomfort.  As he sat the weasel followed the
lapiform SCAB's scent around the pool. But lost the
scent as she neared the pile of pipes. The plastic
smell was so overwhelming to the mustelid that she
started feeling a bit light headed.  Hearing that the
weasel was on the opposite end of the hiding place, he
got out of the pipes and immediately kicked the wide
end of pile causing the to roll toward the water;
dragging the weasel backwards with it, into the pool
screaming.  Unable to suppress a chuckle Zach stood up
with his paws at his hips and said.  

"So, you thought you outsmarted me, by stooping as low
as to use scent killer?"  But the only response he got
was sniffling and gurgling sound, that indicated that
the weasel could not swim. 

"Help Me!"  She cried out, while desperately clawing
at a partially submerged pipe.

"Why should I?" Zach retorted "You were trying to kill
me not too long ago, and now you want me to help you."

"Damn man, I just wanted to play with you *cough* not
actually kill you." said the weasel as she still
struggled to stay afloat.

"Umm.... Okay, if you insist."  Zach said, still
uncomfortable with the thought of helping a creature
that usual hunts rabbits.  Quickly, he jumped into the
water and swam toward the weasel, who was near the
deep end.  It took only a couple of seconds to grab
and tow her back to the edge of the pool, where Zach
helped to squeeze the water out of her fur. 

"Thanks, by the way my name is Amber," she said still
shivering from the cold water.

"I'm Zach, pleased to meet you.  Anyway, why were you
hunting me anyway?"

"I was actually going for a stroll until I smelled
you, then I sort of let my instincts take over.  But,
it was mostly out of curiosity." Amber laughed a bit
at that.



"Anyway, what's up with scent killer that you are

"Scent killer?" She inquired

You know, the stuff deer hunters wear to mask their
scent," said Zach

"Your so silly, it is just a deodorizing spray
designed for mustelid's that you can get at any Petco.
Besides, it keeps my fur soft and shiny," said Amber
with a toothy smile.

" I'm sorry about kicking you earlier. I was really
afraid with you chasing me and all."

"Don't be, when I scent rabbits or other prey species;
my natural instinct takes over and I fully shift into
a weasel. It is so bad that I was almost sent to a
SCABS Institution, over a little incident."

"What happened?"

"I don't really want to talk about it..." 

"Oh, that bad." Zach said in soothing voice, while
giving the weasel a hug that she really needed.

"Thanks" she said returning the embrace.

"Anyway, what is your story Zach?"

"Umm, my story? I'm not sure where to begin."

"You could start by telling me a little about

"Well... I'm twenty years old and a high school
graduate.  I also like doing lots of neat things with
my computer and artistic skills.  But, with these paws
it has been quite difficult to get on with business as
usual.  Anyway, I have been able to get along
handsomely, even though I'm unemployed."  Zach said as
he showed off his short lapine paws.

"Your an artist?"

"Yup.  But, I'm still kind of a novice at it."  He
said with a chuckle that sounded a little like

"Even if you're a novice, it might not be as bad as
you think."  Amber giggled with a surprised look on
his shortish muzzle, Zach Said  "Oh?"  

"If you'd like, I could show you mine."

"Thanks."  Said Zach as he followed Amber onto the

"My apartment is just up the street, just follow me."



	The late afternoon sun was really soft, with a light
salty ocean breeze coming from the southeast part of
town.  Quickly the unlikely pair, made there way
toward Amber's apartment which was at least two blocks
from Zach's house.  Which surprised him a little.  As
they neared the entrance, Amber said.  "I'll be right
back, I have to check in."  It took her only a minute
to buzz the front desk and then the door opened. 
Amber took Zach's paw and placed it on her left
shoulder and smiled a bit.  For she knew that this
lapine could be a really lovable companion. 

	Unknown to Zach, Amber had been watching him for
quite some time.  But, from a distance she admired him
for how sweet natured he was.  She first laid eyes on
him while he visited The Blind Pig Gin Mill a couple
days ago to talk to his good friend Phil.  For her it
was love at first sight.  But she chose today to make
contact with Zach and become a really, really close

	The Apartment building was well furnished for a
middle class neighborhood.  It was like the interior
of a mansion, complete with red carpeting that was
outlined with gold knitting and had beautiful
paintings on the walls of the hallway.  Finally they
padded up to a wooden door that was made of oak, and
had a number plate that was made of gold: proudly
displaying the number 15.

"Here we are."  She said upon entering with Zach still
holding her paw.  As they entered the apartment Zach
was overwhelmed a little by the slight musteline scent
in the air.

"What an interesting little place you got here" Said
the Lapine as he took in the layout of the apartment.
It was well furnished with a couple couches, large
windows, antique chairs, and lots of beautiful
paintings covering most of the empty wall space.  As
he went further in something caught his eye, it was a
large painting of a silver dragon that was done in
watercolors, that looked almost lifelike.

"Did you paint this one yourself, Amber?" Zach asked.

"Why yes, I did."

"It looks as if you have real talent."

"Thank you." Amber said with a blush that could be
seen through the fur on her short muzzle.

"I'm quite the artist myself, but I mostly work with
rulers and a compass."

"You might also want to give credit to my roommate
Sandy.  She did most of the still-life paintings you
see here."

"You have a roommate?  Is she cute?" 

"Well Yeah.  And she is really cute, being a Siamese
ferret and all."

"Cool since I have a thing for mustelid's, especially
weasels and ferrets."

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.  It was so
sudden that it sent Zach scurrying behind a couch in
slight terror.  

"Who is it? Amber asked.

"It's me Sandy, I'm back from the afternoon exam."

"Okay, It will take only a second.  Be sure to wipe
your paws."

"Zach you can come on out, there is nothing to be
afraid of." 

"Uhh, Okay."  Zach said, still with his long ears
twitching in slight distress.  As he found the
courage, Zach climbed up onto the couch and decided to
relax for a bit.

	Amber padded over to the door and unlatched it. 
Letting in her roommate, who had a large book bag at
her side, which looked pretty funny on the ferret. 
For a slender body, Sandy obviously had a lot of
difficulty keeping it on her shoulder at any given
time.  To Zach it looked a little yiffy from his spot
on the couch.

"Hi Sandy, there is somebody that I would like to

"Is he that person you have been gossiping about, at
the Pig?"

"Yup, and he's sitting on the couch."

"Oh cool!" sand said with a large smile on her

"Zach, this my roommate Sandy, And Sandy this is

"Pleased to meet you." he said, as he took Sandy's paw
and kissed it; that made her blush a little.

"Oh gosh, you are a true gentleman."

"Why, thank you." He smiled.

"I've heard allot about you from Amber."

"You have?  But I only just met her today!"  His smile
changed into a look of surprise.

"Actually, I've seen you quite a few times at the
Blind Pig.  Probably you never noticed me, since I
usually sit at a table in the back."  Amber laughed.  

"That must mean that you're my secret admirer.  I
should have known that it was you sending me all those
gifts."  Zach said now with a smirk on his face.

"I fell in love with you the moment I saw you a couple
weeks ago; but, I was a bit too shy to introduce
myself formally." Amber said, still with a smirk
across her muzzle.

"I have also seemed to have grown attached to you
too."  At that, Zach and Amber exchanged a big hug. 
"Zach, when was it, that you first came to the city?"

"Well, I came here about six months ago, just after I
got out of the hospital."

"How long were you in for."

"At least three weeks. But I cannot recall much of the
transformation, since I was feverish and incoherent
off and on most of those three weeks," He sighed.

"The strange thing was that I sort of enjoyed the
changes happening to my body; the feelings were really
familiar, as if I had always been a rabbit. But,
mostly in my dreams.  That is what's so strange about
the Martian flu; it seems to know your deepest
desires, and dreams. I think of it as a blessing"

"Wow, I never thought about it that way.  Perhaps,
being Furry has more advantages than one might
suspect." she said with a knowing smile. Slowly, she
wrapped her tail around Zach and brought him closer to
her slender body, which made Zach a little excited.

"Thanks for everything, Amber." Zach said as he kissed
her on the lips. The mustelid
Blushed a little as she answered. "It is the least I
could do for someone who truly understands how I feel.
 You see I was really depressed when I first found
out, that I was changed into a weasel.  After coming
home from the hospital, my family started acting
hostile towards me, and that made me even more
depressed."  Her smile quickly turned into a frown.

"I'm so sorry..." Said Zach

"Don't be, my family is really religious and believe
that SCAB's is a mark from Satan and the stopped
listening to me.  A couple days after I came home, I
packed up and left for this town."

"My family was kind of that way too, but that was in a
different life."

"Where are you from originally?" She asked.

"I used to live in Wisconsin; in a small town. Where
did you live, Amber?"

"Me?   Umm... Pennsylvania, in a town that was made up
of mostly Catholics."

"I think a made a wise choice moving here, because
they treated SCAB's like outcasts there, and the Human
Firster's control most of the town. I almost got
skinned before I safely made it to the Bus station."
Amber said, almost on the verge of tears.

"I know how hateful they are, they almost beat me to
death a couple of days after leaving the hospital."

Almost instinctively, Zach started snuggling up to the
weasel to calm her down. All the while telling her
"shhh... Everything's all right." They were snuggling
for hours, as Zach soothed her with careful paws.

And that is how Zach met his wonderful girlfriend who
is soon to become his wife.

-More to come
Copyright 2002 - PJ Skunk

-PJ Skunk (Warrior/Engineer Skunk)http://vulpine.transform.to/pj_skunk/index.html

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