[Vfw-times] Anyone there?

Серёга Иванченко mr.xuxuxu at mail.ru
Mon Oct 21 19:58:09 UTC 2013

Any furries still subscribed to this mailing list? Whoa, I watched the archives and there was no one here for a really long time... 2 years. right? Hey! I'd really appreciate if anyone posted anything here... lol... because I'm a new subscriber! Anyway, I couldn't just have written an off-topic message, so I decided to drop a story here. It's not by me, though, and I didn't ask for permission XD Here you go:  http://jargonthered.deviantart.com/art/Dreams-A-Dragon-TF-by-Jargon-188930223 Hope I won't get kicked out after this... sorry if I ignored some rules. Again, I'm a newbie.
bye! =)
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