[Vfw-times] Anyone there?

C. Matthias jagille3 at vt.edu
Thu Oct 24 20:38:54 UTC 2013

At 03:58 PM 10/21/2013, Серёга Иванченко wrote:
>Any furries still subscribed to this mailing 
>list? Whoa, I watched the archives and there was 
>no one here for a really long time... 2 years. 
>right? Hey! I'd really appreciate if anyone 
>posted anything here... lol... because I'm a new 
>subscriber! Anyway, I couldn't just have written 
>an off-topic message, so I decided to drop a 
>story here. It's not by me, though, and I didn't 
>ask for permission XD Here you go: 
>Hope I won't get kicked out after this... sorry 
>if I ignored some rules. Again, I'm a newbie.
>bye! =)
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Wow, I'd completely forgotten about this mailing 
list.  I honestly do not recall when the last 
time there was any activity, nor if I ever 
contributed anything here.  Mailing lists are not 
defunct, but they seem far less important than they once had been.

Enjoy the archives!

May He bless you and keep you in His grace and love,

Charles Matthias 

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