[Vfw-times] Karva's Tree

Karva karva at wildmail.com
Sat Aug 5 14:32:34 CDT 2000


Karva's Tree is back online!


I want to take this moment to say something:

I thank Oren for not throwing me out of the ring.  I still don't know 
why he hasn't, but I'm happy about it.  Seriously, I'm the black 
sheep of the VFW, but Oren puts up with me.  Actually, I'm not even 
really sure if I'm still in the ring.  Well, if I'm still in Oren, 
could you send me the new ring html code.  I lost it when you sent it 
the last time.

Thanks for everything!

Jesse "Karva" Blough

Karva's Tree
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