[Vfw-times] Fortress Archive

wolf0013 wolf0013 at crosswinds.net
Sun Aug 6 19:42:23 CDT 2000

Okay everybody, I have finally gotten around to rebuilding and updating
my web page onto the crosswinds server.

I know, crosswinds has problems, but since it's free and since the space

is unlimited, it appeals to me, so unless the web site grows to a huge
size and there's a real demand, crosswinds is where it'll stay.

Now, I am going to be spending the next few days gathering up stories,
art, midi's and so-on for the first update.   Now, if I were a
un-ethical person, I'd simply run around and copy art and stories and
such, without getting permission from their respective creators.

So, instead I'm asking first.  If you would like some of your pictures
or stories archived at the Fortress Archive, please drop me a line at.

wolf0013 at crosswinds.net

Now back to your irregularly scheduled program.

---------------------------The Midnight Fantastic----------

For we are the chaos, existing in the dream, devouring our future, our
past, living only in the present. I choose to live the dream killing
myself with chaos that I control.  I choose to transform myself from
what I am, to ascend beyond the dream.

Transcending the dream, seeing the world through the face of a beast.
Into the burning heaven, carried by Crimson wings....

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