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Oren Otter orenotter at netzero.net
Fri Dec 15 16:24:47 CST 2000

Just wanted to share some ponderings.

When I created the HEA, the nacelites were little more to me than a
convenient plot device which allowed me to express what I wished to convey-
the tragedy which would come with a loss of humanity.

It's only natural one would hate the nacelites for what they are doing.
But as I've expressed so many times, my desire for the direction of this
series is to have penetance on the part of the nacs and forgiveness on the
part of the humans, after which the two races would live as friends, like
England and Scottland, or the US and Japan, or Germany and France.

I thought from studying history that if the HEA were by some inexplicable
means a reality, this peace could eventually come about.  However, I'm not
so sure anymore.

Almost every HEA story has been about hate.
In each tale, I see the author's desire to inflict pain upon a race which
doesn't even exist in reality.  If we can't love enemies who aren't even
real, how can we hope to acheive harmony with those who are?

Part of my philosophy concerning HEA is "the greater the war, the greater
the peace".  I guess the flipside is that until hostility has run its
course, the human heart is incapable of reconciliation.  It's very sad, but
we can see by looking at the world around us how peace without war just
doesn't seem to work.  In America, blacks as a whole have not forgiven
white society for the oppression of people dead and gone.  In Eastern
Europe, people who had been forced to live peacefully tried to wipe each
other out as soon as the opportunity presented itself.  All over Africa,
tribes still war with each other whenever a change in the winds of politics
allow them to get away with it.

I wrote the happy ending to HEA because I saw a tiny kernel of goodness in
the wicked, selfinsh heart of humanity.  The stories I have seen make me
wonder if I was mistaken.

What are your thoughts?

Oren Otter
The Changing Workplace

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