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Rufinoform at aol.com Rufinoform at aol.com
Wed Dec 6 17:12:44 CST 2000


Thought that others might like to see this :-)  Fursonally, I wanna buy that 
kitsune :-)

Stuffe and Nonsense-Anthropomorphic Creations A site where you can choose 
from and buy several profesionally made and very well done 18 inch tall fully 
poseable anthro plushies (thumbnails of all anthro plushies are available)

Cloudchaser Shaconage, a chocolate & peanut butter lovin' Red Wolf furry
RL Red Wolf Facts:http://www.aza.org/programs/ssp/ssp.cfm?ssp=62
Furry pic: http://members.fortunecity.com/redwolf889/Cloud002.htm
Homepage: (see link at top of "Furry Portrait")
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