[Vfw-times] Need help finding plush :-)

Rufinoform at aol.com Rufinoform at aol.com
Wed Jul 19 06:44:13 CDT 2000


I just discovered that 11 inch tall plushies of Lisa Raccoon, a character in 
a Canadian cartoon called "The Raccoons" were or are available.  When I was 
13 (28 now) Lisa was my favorite character in that show to the point that she 
actually was my first crush (I was only 13!  Gimmie a break!).  when the 
Disney channel used to carry that show.  I gotta have one of those plushies!  
Does anyone know what other sizes are or were available, who made the plushie 
and where and how I can get one?

For the curious, a well done and very thorough unofficial home page on "The 
Raccoons" that includes images (screen grabs) of all characters (including 
Lisa) is at

Take care!  Hope to hear from someone soon!  Wuff!

Cloudchaser Shaconage

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