[Vfw-times] Redesigned Furry, TF, TG, etc. links site, with a new name, Henshin! ;)

Stephen Tigner stigner at cyberhighway.net
Wed Jul 19 01:26:57 CDT 2000

Hello all! :)
I've completly redesigned my links site on transform.to, and given it a new
name, Henshin!

'Henshin' is a japanese word meaning 'transformation'.
Please, tell me how you like the layout of the new site. :)
I welcome any and all feedback.
Btw...if you do reply, try to make sure 'Henshin!' is in the subject line
somewhere, thanks! :)

Stephen Tigner

"If necessity is the mother of invention, boredom must be the father."

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