[Vfw-times] Adventures In Chattahoochee Hollar - On Eagle's Wings - PART 1 (10/10)

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In the middle of the restless night, Stephanie lay awake in her bed clutching 
pillow with her window open.  The soulful crickets prayed for rain as new 
were swarming about her troubled heart!  The new feelings frightened her,
making her want to run into her father’s lap and curl up like a small child 
(as she
still often did), and yet, these feelings also excited her, making her 
fragile heart
pound with joy!   She wondered if Cloudchaser was still reviewing his sermon 
the extra bedroom below.  How little did she know that both had prayed in 
for another that night!   Stephanie finally fell asleep in prayer.  The vixen 
never been in love before.  Growing up as a farmer’s daughter, she had no time
for relationships because her parents heavily relied on their two eldest 
to help keep the farm going while their father was at work.   Mrs. Foxley also
depended on Stephanie to help her with the chores around home and to keep an
eye on Anna and Travis.  Through the years, the twins had been pulled out of
school to help in the seasons of planting and harvest.  To Johnny and
Stephanie, school was a break from the hard, laborious farm duties that was
expected of them each and everyday, except Sunday, which was a day of rest. 
But after homework was completed, it was back to the field.  Through all her
trials and petty vexations, the little vixen never complained about her lot 
in life. 
She loved her mother and father, and she loved her brothers and sister as 
Converted at the age of ten, she was not a perfect child, but she tried her 
best to
live by God’s Word.  A cherished well-worn Bible was her source of daily
strength.  Unkind words or deeds would send the vixen into a deep 
until she confessed them to her Lord and sought forgiveness from those who
were involved.  Ever vigilant, she did not partake in the folly of idleness, 
humility was her chosen path.   

With the oil lamp burning low, Cloudchaser tossed and turned in his bed
downstairs.   Earlier, the wolf tried to review his sermon for the morrow’s
preaching hour, but he couldn’t get his mind off of her.   Why did she possess
his thoughts so?  He had experienced other relationships, but not quite like 
one.   Somehow she was different  There was a purity about her, an inward
beauty, an innocence that awakened all of his five senses and left him 
for more.  Beauty and grace radiated from her delicate countenance.  A dainty,
fragile little creature that needed him, needed his protection.  Her soft, 
face came to his mind.   'I’m going insane!'  The red wolf thought as he 
looked out
his bedroom window and saw the silver moonlight dancing peacefully on the
river, nestled in the forest below.  Images of her beauty, both inward and
outward came to his mind as he breathed in the cooling air.  Only the love of
Jesus could produce such a sweet inner beauty, a sweet fragrance that radiated
from the soul.  Knowing she was a Christian only ignited his passions 
Frustrated, he arose and paced back and forth on the wooden floor.  'I can’t 
her out of my head!'  The wolf caught site of the little clock sitting on the
nightstand and went to check the time.  'Three a.m.!  I’ve got to get some 
but how can I?'  Did the Shepherd see the yearning that raged inside this 
man’s heart?  Yes, the Saviour, the lover of mankind, did see the man’s 
and saw the yearning inside his faithful servant’s heart.  Completely 
and in agonizing desperation, Cloud did all one can do in their time of need. 
The wolf got down on his knees and prayed to his Saviour for deliverance.  In
His infinite mercy, the loving Shepherd, the One who never sleeps, gracefully
touched His weary child and gave him sweet blissful peace.    

The following Sunday morning, the rufine gave his sermon in the little white
church in the hollar.  Sitting on the front row was his beloved.  How that 
grape stole his breath away!   In giving his sermon, Cloud found his gaze
continuously returning to meet the soft blessed gaze of hers.   Could the
parishioners hear his faint heart pound?  That angel of beauty looked upon him
with her soft blue rivers of water.  Tonight, after the evening service, the
missionary would have to prepare to leave for Atlanta.   Would he ever be
graced to look upon her fair beauty again?  As a devoted and faithful 
disciple, he
had to pick up his cross and go where the Spirit led.    Cloudchaser 
that fervent prayer the night before, "....please, Lord, you know I'm willing 
to go
anywhere you send me, please, please Lord, hear my plea.  Please give her to
me!   Only your will be done, amen."  He hoped and prayed that his petition
concerning this lotus flower would be answered.  I have to tell her!  
thought.  I have to tell her I love her before I leave.  I want her to know 
how I feel
about her!  How he wished this angel would only love him in return!   'Oh Dear
Lord, please hear  my cry and answer my plea, give this angel her wings!'    

Look for PART 2 of Adventures In Chattahoochee Hollar's On Eagle's Wings 

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