[Vfw-times] Adventures In Chattahoochee Hollar - On Eagle's Wings - PART 1 (9/?)

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Leading his beloved, Cloudchaser led Stephanie to a small cluster of magnolia
trees atop a small hill in the grassy field.

“Is this a good spot?”

The vixen nodded her head.  Although some of the townfolks were nearby, the
field was clear and open wide.  The stars were brightly shining in the black
velvet of the breathless night.  A delicious current blew through Stephanie’s 
flowing mane, bringing the sweet fragrance of the magnolias and the wild
gardenias that grew nearby.  Gently, Cloud took Stephanie’s blanket and spread
it underneath one of the tall fragrant blooms.  The wolf then helped his 
morsel to sit on the soft downy blanket.  After Cloudchaser was seated, he
looked into her alluring eyes, drinking in her untainted delicacies.  How this
young woman filled his faintfull heart with passionate delights!  Did he love 
He barely knew her, but was it possible?  Deep inside his fervid heart, he 
the answer.

A sweet melody played on her soft mouth as he took her hands into his.  Then,
with one hand, he slid off his white silken scarf and place it around her 
feminine neck.  She nuzzled the prize with ecstasy, inhaling the sweet aroma 
his masculine scent.  The fox and the wolf gazed longingly into each other’s
eyes, whispering sweet promises without saying any words.  Tonight, no spoken
conversation was needed, only the impartation of their young hearts.  Then, 
of the sudden, the silent communion was broken by the eruption of 
fireworks, flowering the night sky with showers of kindness.  Sounds of 
echoed from the onlookers below in the valley as more showers rained their
sparkling brilliance.  Gunpowder mingled with the fragrant, warm air.  With 
silent consent, he put his arm around her, and she laid her head on his 
The red wolf sighed in giddy exultation.  How his heart leapt for joy!  A 
smile adorned his fox’s lips as she rested on that strong arm.  How he longed 
taste her sweet wine!  Cloud softly and gently took her muzzle into his hand. 
Then, slowly, he lowered his own to partake of the delicious vine.  Feeling 
wolf’s warm, stimulating breath, Stephanie found herself caught between 
and her heart’s desire!  But choosing not to partake of the forbidden fruit, 
arose and fled into the safe awaiting arms of the night.

Dodging the onlookers, the vixen ran swiftly through the crowd below towards
the forest where she could collect her thoughts.  She dared not to go back to 
parents!  What would they think of her?  Of Cloudchaser?  With her heart
thumping wildly in her chest and completely out of breath, she leaned into a
silver maple.  Unbeknownst to her, the red wolf spied her entering the wood
below.  She was quicker than he, but he had already committed her essence to

A cacophony of strange new feelings washed over the flustered vixen as she
turned around and clapped her hands over her eyes.  'Oh, what a fool I am!'  
heart was filled with vexation and confusion.  Did she love him?  Only that
tremulous heart knew the answer.  

“Oh Dear Lord, help me,” the vixen prayed breathlessly aloud.  “Deliver thy
servant from temptation!”  At that moment, a twig snapped in the dark vale of 
night.  Blessed with the gift of limited nightvision from her mother and 
father, she
turned around quickly, scanning the foliage.

“Who’s there?” Stephanie whispered, turning around to look behind her.

“It’s me,” Cloudchaser said, holding her blanket and slowly approaching the
weary fox.

“Oh Cloud!”  She whispered, clutching her beating heart with relief as the 
came into view.  'He must have followed my scent', the vixen thought.  The 
woman fixed her eyes on the advancing wolf.

“I hope I didn’t scare you!”

“O-oh no,” Stephanie stammered.  “I-i-it’s j-just that everything is 
s-so fast!  I can’t...I can’t...I...”

“Shhhh, I know,” Cloud said gently as he towered over her.   'Just let it 
her heart was telling her, pleading her.  'No!   Let yourself fall in love.   
No!  It’s pointless!  He’s leaving in two days!'  

Cloudchaser felt sorry for the trembling flower.  “Please let me hold you 
The last thing I want to do is to make you afraid.”  Could she trust him now 
they were alone, deep in the forest?  The young woman studied the red wolf for
a moment.  A look of concern emanated from his face, and she saw no malice in
his eyes.  With a sigh, she stepped into his muscular arms and buried her face
deep into his broad masculine chest.  Stephanie felt Cloud’s bottom jaw rest 
top of her head, in that he was nearly a foot taller than her.  Oh!  How 
did that feel!  In calm elation, the vixen closed her eyes as her heart 
slowed its
rapid pace.  Safe within his arms, fear was replaced with trust.  

The wolf held his fox for the remainder of the fireworks.  How blessed it was 
hold and caress her gentle frame!   How he wished that their sweet embrace
could last forever!  At last, when the explosions and the cries from the 
ceased, Cloud stepped away, breaking from their loving hold.  Stephanie
curiously looked at the red wolf, who was rubbing the back of his head.

“Stephanie, I-I have to tell you something,” the red wolf told her, meeting 
gaze once more, trying not to overpower her.  “I-I’ve never met a girl like 
before.  I’m really at a loss of words, because I quite don’t know what to 
do about

The vixen saw the seriousness in Cloudchaser’s eyes.  'Oh, what a fool I am',
thought Cloud, as he could never hope to win this earth angel who refused to 
Cloudchaser studied her moonlit eyes.  Looking back towards the field, the
rufine resigned for the moment and sighed.  “Let’s get you back to your 
Cloudchaser led Stephanie out of the woods and back to the shady oak tree,
where her family were getting things packed and ready to go home.

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