[Vfw-times] Story idea's

WereWolf0013 at aol.com WereWolf0013 at aol.com
Sun Jun 18 17:47:11 CDT 2000

Okay, here's this week's story idea's

Avian Water: somebody buy's what appears to be a generic brand version of 
Evian Bottled Water, with obvious results.  Not really original.

TF Card game: an idea I had quite a while back about some teenagers stumbling 
across a large old set of cards very much similar to the Magic Card game, 
then getting transported into a fantasy world, then forced to play the card 
game by the creator of the world until all of them are transported into the 
creatures they play as.  Partially mental transformations, mostly physical 
though.  I might actually work on this myself in the future if I can get a 
few other projects done.

Ante Bellum: Take the old American slavery system, mix it in with a bit of 
the old debt and indentured servant system, and add a lot of magic.

All those whom are become slaves weather it be from being black, or falling 
heavily into debt, are transformed into fur's by the upper class wizards.  In 
case you're wondering why they're transformed, it's so they're better suited 
to certain tasks.

Anyhow, a while back Chris O'kane expressed some interest in this idea.  But, 
he's seemingly bogged down by too many other projects.

Gift of the Griffin: A dying Griffin bestows the power of a were Griffin upon 
a young man whom saves her child.

The Dragon's Egg's:  a couple in the dark age's find a next of egg's and eat 
them, not knowing that they're the egg's of a dragon, and have transformative 

Overcoming Gene's: Transformation through pure will, a story about the power 
of the soul, overcoming obstacles.  This may sound like a pretty religious 
idea.  But it can easily suit any idea's or morals.

Slow transformations: I've noticed that most Transformations in stories take 
up only one scene at the most.  I'd like to see a story where the 
transformation takes weeks or maybe month's and get to see how each stage of 
the transformation effects a persons everyday life.

Oriental Dragon TF's: A teenager discovers a dragon mask that's supposed to 
grant the user magical powers, while it does do this, it also transforms the 
wearer into an oriental style dragon over 1 week.  I'd love to see the 
applications of such a transformation in a modern setting, for some reason, 
it just seems like an interesting situation.  This could have some mental 
changes as well as physical one's, but it's up to the author.

Well, that's all the idea's for this week.  If you want to talk to me about 
these idea's, feel free to e-mail me.

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