[Vfw-times] Look unto Jesus

Heartsh0t at aol.com Heartsh0t at aol.com
Sun Jun 25 16:01:24 CDT 2000

Look unto Jesus

Look unto Jesus and not unto man
for there you may find a wandering and straying lamb
Look unto Jesus for His grace and unfaltering love
for no other love will you find, but His true love from up above

Jesus loves me, I know this ‘tis true!
Jesus bled, died, and rose again for me and for you!
Take His word by faith and you will find grace
And soon one day you will gaze upon that wonderful loving  face

Yes, look unto Jesus, all ye races of man
In Him you will find, the Holy, unconditional love of the Lamb

Copyright  2000 by Kimberly M. Edwards
All rights reserved

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