[Vfw-times] Reviews of the VFW

Brad Gabriel grellden at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 18 16:19:27 CST 2000

Greetings to all the VFW members,

I have been sitting back and just plain enjoying all the sites on the ring 
but when I think about it I realised that i have sent very little feedback 
to any of the owners.

So in an effort to fix that I have decided that I am going to try to work my 
way around the ring and post any comments I have to you all.

I hope this will get some discussions going.

I vow to be truthfull, with out flamming, If I have anything totally 
negitive I will send it only to the site owner, I shall make no judgements 
on the "rating" of content.

I only ask that if you wish to respond that we maintain polite honesty.

If you do not wish me to look at your page please email me and I will cross 
it off my list.

One final point, all views and points I make are mine and mine alone, do not 
blame or flame anyone else. I am no great writer or html coder but I will 
say what I can on the enjoyment content and how userfriendly the pages are.

And now to the list I say, do you want me to do this? If I do not hear back 
in a few days I shall start in about a week.


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