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Thu Nov 30 17:09:47 CST 2000

I must agree that the nacilite's were done extremely well, they were a
combination between heroes and villains.

Which actually leads me too the belief that this thread here is more about
dynamics of villains and heroes in TF stories.

Villains and Heroes, generally are pretty simple in most short stories, it's
always the good night verses the evil dark wizard of death and destruction.
However, in TF stories, a new aspect is introduced which really forces the
to develop the heroes and the villains in greater detail.

For example, there's a villain of mine from a short story that I'll not yet
which turns a large portion of the living organism's on earth, into strange
mutants which blur the species line.

But instead of the easy cliché reason of doing it too plunge the world into
chaos, there's a deeper reason, the villain simply did something to further
own power, too help him fulfill a dream of his that he's long had, he didn't
expect people to mutate, in fact he could really care less about the people
lost their humanity, to him, they are of little importance.

In another story, I was working on a character named Proteus, which is
actually a
living bio-weapon that has assumed human form.  In order to his life, he must

copy portions of living DNA from other animals into his body, which leaves
animal he took the DNA from, a dead shell.  However, the more he takes from
animals, the more he losses his ability to remain in his semi human form in
mind and body.  So, he also must take the DNA from humans.

However, he always feels very guilty by this, and thus, saves the life of the

human, by incorporating some of his animal DNA into the human body.

This causes his victims too fall into a fever like state, and transform into
morpic animal of some sort over the span of a week or so.  In case you're
wondering, Proteus would always bring his victims into a huge forest where he
up a make shift village, in order too protect his victims from human fears.

So, basically, I rolled villain and hero all into one, and the occupants of
village thus, have mixed feelings about him.

Finnally, there's a heroe I'm workin on for MK, that is part demon, he cannot
magic, infact, he needs a fresh dose of raw magic in his system to remain
so he steals small amounts of magic from casual contact when in his human
but when his magic level gets dagerously low, he must revert too a rather
demon form too steal large amounts of magic.  Thus he's built up a sort of
legend about a magic stealing demon during his travels.  A legend which he
he's a very good religious person dispite his ancestry, and blames himself
several incidents which happened in his past, he believes that his half demon

form is an abomination, and wishes too die, dispite the fact that he already
believes himself to be hell-bound.

He never kills himself though, I havn't decided why yet.

So, as you see, the dynamics of the hero, and the villain, are drastically
different for a TF story.  Heroes can see themselves as villains, characters
be both villain and heroes, and villains can be totally unconcerned about

And Oren did pretty much all of this in HEA, Oren, you may not realize this,
your HEA universe, truly is a masterwork and should be held in very high
by all.

Anyhow, I'll leave my ramblings off here tonight, sorry about that all, now
too your regularly scheduled program.
                                            Signed: W.O.L.F 0013

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