[Vfw-times] I'm still here

Oren Otter orenoter at peakpeak.com
Thu Sep 7 23:10:00 CDT 2000

Hello everyone!

I'm very sorry I haven't responded to everyone who wanted to hear from me.
So... Since most of you are on this list, I'm answering you all at once.

I have moved to Ft Collins and am living in my Brother's house.  ...with 9
I have a job assembling circuit boards at celestica.  It's boring, but it's
better than McDonald's!

For those of you wanting to know how the rats are doing- we lost Scarlet
and Sadie.  However, Margie had her tumor surgically removed and is
recovering nicely.  We expected to lose her leg, but the vet was able to
save it.

I found a neat little store- "Nature's own".  Lots of otter stuff!  I
nearly went broke my first week.

I'm in the final stages of editing together "Wired for Christmas", the
Christmas-themed webcomic anthology.  Everyone go bug David Allen at Plan 9
and tell him to hurry up and publish it. 8=-3

I won't be on the 'net a lot until I get my own place.  I'm very limited by
my roommates who want to use the phone.  However, I'll be on at least once
a night for my updates.

That's all for now.  See you soon, hopefully next time with a story!

And Heartshot, thanks for the cards!  They're really great for bringing a
smile to the day!

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