[Vfw-times] Dragon Knight: Legacy (Prologue)

Shaun Reveal sreveal at arcola-il.com
Mon Apr 16 23:08:38 CDT 2001

Here's the prologue of my story. I hope people like it. :)

Sunblaze Wildfire
(a.k.a. Shaun Reveal)


Dragon Knight: Legacy


By Shaun Reveal

    Spirit felt another person pick her up from the cold surface. She still
was not use to being handled as an inanimate object. The memories of the
holder poured down to her giving her a glimpse of the world. It was the only
way she can get anything from the outside world. ³How long ago was I last
touched?³ she thought as she felt her body laid back down on the flat

    The first person who touched her gave information that she was
discovered in a cave behind a waterfall. The same place that she turned
herself into a sword. She hoped to be released by the human she befriended a
long time ago. The problem was that this human had been long dead and she
believed that there was a chance the human would be reborn in a new body.
She cursed herself for hiding herself in a cave, but she was happy to be
found by someone at last. Another person picked her up and she felt more
memories come to her. As she scanned each memory,  a young man¹s face came
to her. The person looked just like the human she befriended and the young
individual was the son of the person who was holding her. She wanted to
scream for joy, but she had no mouth to do it. Her own thought popped in her
head. ³Why not try to make him come to me? I¹m not letting him die, again.
This time I¹ll become part of him and my powers will be his.²

    Then she remembered the first person¹s memories. The current world was
several centuries older and it was just like the period she lived as a
living being. The only difference was that science not magic was the power
that controlled the world. The animals that she once ate were now smart
enough to talk and learn. It was a confusing world to her and the fact that
this world was changed forever by a war made her worry. When she accessed
the memories of the war again, she remembered images of creatures made out
of metal that shoot beams of light from weird limbs. It was like a nightmare
to her. She accessed more of the old memories to find out it was now the
early 26th century. The only thought now came from herself, ³We will be
together once more my friend. I¹ll protect you as long as we live.²

    She soon felt herself laid back down and she felt the chill of a cold
surface. Her mind was the only thing that she had now for company.  She was
alone again.


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