[Vfw-times] back!

Eric Vary orenotter at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 27 01:28:09 CDT 2001

Heh!  Finally managed to get back on my own list!

First the bad news:  Rover crashed, and I lost the
Fuzzy Doom story which came after "The Ship Crack'd". 
The good news:  I managed to save almost all of my
artwork and stories, including the next Critter-Man

By the way...
I've been looking for some very old stories I wrote
with Loki and Dagon.  I believe there were four.  Does
anyone have a copy?
I cannot remember the titles, but there's one where
the weenie-godlets liven up a furry con, one in which
they turn a bag lady into a skunk, and i can't
remember the other one.  I'm also looking for a story
called "the betting pool" which features Sutech and

-Oren the Otter

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