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story in progress

Stage Sisters chapter 1

Written by & copyright of Andrew Cotton

Featuring Laretta Morrigan (Cassie's rhythm guitarist) and Cassie

Cassie, the Rock & Roll Vixen
Laretta Morrigan

Please read the prequil, "Cassie Meets Vixina", featuring Cassie and Vixina at
Please read chapter two, featuring Laretta and Cassie at

All characters created by & copyright of Earl Bacon except Laretta, who is 
created by
and copyright of Andrew Cotton, Alex, who is created by and copyright of 
Donna Fritz
and Vixina, who is created by and copyright of Cloudchaser Shaconage.

Laretta Morrigan took one last look at herself in her dressing mirror.  Her 
hair dye had
set in for about half an hour, the right half sported a flashy day-glo neon 
orange, with
its opposite half tinted a subtle azure blue with a gloss of silvery sheen.  
A single
streak of her forelock bangs stuck out in bright bubble gum pink; she flipped 
it over to
the left side to stand out against the blue.  With a little gauze, she dabbed 
eye shadow
over each of her eyelids, and traced each of her eyes with a black marking 
pencil.  She always appreciated how this emphasized her hazel eyes, making 
them seem almost luminescent.
She pursed her lips, evening out the trace of glossy black lipstick she had
gracefully applied.  She didn't always wear lipstick, but today was special, 
and she felt
it was appropriate.

A knock at the door caught her attention, and she quickly turned to open the 
door of
her cramped attic space apartment.  A large, slightly pudgy wolf stood in the 
"Heya, Eddie," she smiled at her brother.  "Is Karen here already?"

The gray wolf nodded at his sister, "She's right here behind me," he said, 
motioning to
a smartly-dressed lemur standing behind him.  He normally preferred that 
concerned with Laretta's music would approach her themselves, through the 
entrance upstairs outside, but he and his wife had become good friends with 
manager, and were more than happy to let her in through the house as a guest.

The ring-tailed lemur nodded, "I don't mean to rush you, Laretta, but I don't 
need to
remind you how important this meeting is.  I have the car parked outside, so 
just let me
know when you're all set."  Karen was always punctual and organized, and 
today was
certainly no exception.

"Sure, Karen, just give me a couple minutes to get finished up and I'll be 
ready to go."

"Would you like me to take down your guitars for you, Laretta?" Eddie asked, 
"I'll bet
that will help save you some time."

"Sure, Eddie," the young she-wolf replied, "Just let me make sure they're all 
Laretta had already had her guitars selected and waiting in their cases.  She 
was only had
two she regularly relied on, but they had become her favorites.  Her red 
Fender Stratocaster, which she liked to use as a rhythm guitar, and her 
personal favorite,
a custom made Elektra Predator, its body painted black with red streaks and 
one of its
rear flaring points painted to resemble a long, lethal white talon.  "I'll 
handle this
one, Eddie," she motioned to her favorite guitar, "Thank you for helping, but 
you know, I
just like to keep an eye on my special treasure," she grinned.

Eddie just chuckled and took hold of the Stratocaster after Laretta shut and 
locked the
cases.  "Don't mention it, sis," he said with smile as he took his load 
Karen was still there, patient but insistent, "Just don't forget your sheet 
music.  I'll
be waiting downstairs." She turned downstairs, after Laretta gave a nod of 

With that, Laretta hurried through her preening.  She adjusted her metal 
studded collar so
it was straight and also made sure her red bustier was on just right so that 
was comfortable yet tight enough so she wouldn't fear it coming loose.  
Pulling her
fingerless gloves tight and securing her metal studded wrist cuffs, she 
leaned over to tug
on the lacy frilly cuffs of her ankle socks.  Today she felt like wearing the 
decorated with glittery sparkle. She wanted to give a good, lasting 
impression, after
all.  Satisfied, she slipped her feet into her stiletto heeled pumps, 
smoothed out her
leather miniskirt, and gave herself a final appraisal in the mirror with a 
satisfied grin.

Laretta clutched her Predator carefully as she headed downstairs for her 
company.  Karen was sitting in the living room with Claire, Eddie's lupine 
wife, who
was holding Lyle, their little toddler cub.  "Well, I suppose it's now or 
Laretta said, asserting her confidence the best she could.

Claire smiled and rose, still holding her cub.  "I think you'll do just fine, 
Just relax, and things will go all right with her."  Lyle looked over to his 
aunt, unable
to contain his glee.  "an-tee pur-tee," he cooed, reaching out with his small 
paw to grab
her nose. Laretta giggled and gently stroked his face.  "Aww, I hope all my 
male admirers
are as gracious as you!"

The ladies shared a brief laugh as a small wolf cub came racing into the room,
grabbing Laretta around the knees and giggling.  Laretta herself laughed and 
nearly lost
her balance, "Cool it there, hotshot," she smiled down to her 6 year-old 
niece Leanne,
rubbing her red-painted claws through the cub's blond hair.

The hyper wolf cub giggled and smiled broadly.  "You're gonna get to see the 
pretty fox
lady, Auntie Retta?"  Laretta smiled and nodded, "Yep, and I promise I'll get 
autograph for ya, since you asked so nicely."

The hyperactive wolf cub hopped around excitedly and squealed, "Yaaaay!!  I 
wanna be big
rock star just like you, auntie!"  She hopped around and pretended to play an 
air guitar
quite frenetically.  Everyone had to laugh at such a sight, including Eddie, 
who was
standing in the doorway with his arms crossed. "Congratulations, sis," he 
"You've successfully corrupted her. Well, your guitars are packed away.  I 
think you're
gonna do great."

Laretta smiled, slightly nervously, to her brother, "I sure hope so.  I still 
believe you actually made it happen, Karen!"

"Hey, you know me, I've never failed to get you a good gig yet," replied 
Karen with a
smile.  Laretta smiled and nodded in response.  She had to admit, when it 
came to
finding work, Karen always found something that worked for her. Today was
amazingly different, though.  Through some very persuasive and sharp-minded
bargaining, Laretta's manager arranged to have her play a gig with a living 

Cassandra Vixena, or as the world knew her, Cassie the Rock Vixen.

Laretta was gradually making herself known in the world of furry rock.  She 
naturally gifted with a stunning singing voice, and learned to play guitar 
that would
probably impress even Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page.  From her humble roots 
playing in
seedy Austin and San Antonio nightclubs, with an occasional visit to Dallas, 
she caught
fans' attentions with her looks, voice, and unique guitar playing styles.  If 
she could hit
if off with Cassie the legendary rock vixen, she'd really be on her way to 
the big time.
Of course, in the back of her mind, that was a big if...

Laretta took her Predator to Karen's Ford Explorer SUV, parked by the curb. 
getting loaded and getting a "good luck" parting wave from Laretta's 
relatives, they were
on their way to Lycaea Studios in downtown Austin.  All the way, Laretta 
could think
of nothing else besides meeting the legendary vixen.  Her heart was pounding 
like a
metronome the whole time.

"Now, you just take it easy, hon," Karen told her passenger, noticing her 
anxiety, "You
sure won't make a good impression if they see you sweating."

The gray she-wolf took a deep breath and tried to keep her composure, "I 
know, I know,"
she started, "but I can't help it.  Here I am, at best a second-rate back-up 
about to meet
the  Queen of furry femme rockers!  It's just so exciting, but that's not 

Karen could tell what Laretta was about to get into.  "Now, there's no need 
to get into
that, hon.  It's all in the past, and they want to see you as you are now, 
not know
about those nimrods who couldn't get along to save their lives," she 

Laretta often thought about her two failed attempts to lead her own furry 
band.  The first
one she tried to lead, the Bloodstalkers, fell apart when the band repeatedly 
objected to
her injecting folk and Cajun styles into their songs. "We're a hard rock 
band, no one
will take us seriously with that alternative crap!" they would always 
complain.  Her
second band - Scars & Stripes - was hardly more successful.  The other band 
members, all
of them skunks, just couldn't get along, and Laretta was not a good 
moderator.  She winced
as she recalled the time when she was "caught in the crossfire," which meant 
her having
to soak in a tub full of tomato juice for nearly a whole day.

"Those guys were jerks anyway," Karen continued.  "You know what they say 
about about a
skunk full of vinegar and..." she simply trailed off with a smirk.

Laretta nodded, "I know, you're right, but still," she continued slightly 
downcast, "I
just can't help feeling that I should have done more to make things work 
out."  She paused
for a moment as their car pulled into the studio parking lot.  "Karen, tell 
it straight to
my face," she said abruptly.  "Where do you see my career going?  Do I really 
have what
it takes to be a success?"

The lemur was as straightforward as can be with her response.  "Laretta, I 
know you have
what it takes.  You've got the talent and the right attitude.  All you need 
to do is find
your niche.  It might take some time, but just don't give up hope."  She put 
her hands on
the she-wolf's shoulders, "I honestly wouldn't have gone to such lengths to 
arrange this
gig if I didn't feel this way.  And I know with this, things are definitely 
going to
change," she concluded with a smile.

Laretta felt her spirits lift slightly with her manager's, and friend's, 
words.  "Thanks.  Sometimes I just need to hear it honestly."

Karen just smiled and nodded, "Think nothing of it.  Well here's our stop.  
Are you ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be," Laretta replied with as much confidence as she 
muster.  Adjusting her collar one more time out of habit, Laretta climbed out 
of the
vehicle, with Karen following closely behind.  They went to the back of the 
vehicle to get
her guitars, but before they could, they encountered the very people they had 
come to see.

A stately wolf, dressed in a three-piece suit, came right to them with a 
"Well hello there, you must be the ingenue we've heard so much about," he 
amicably shaking each of their hands.  "My name's Andrew Kennan, and I'm here 
on behalf
of Cassie's agent.  You can just call me Andy."

"A pleasure to meet you face to face," Karen responded, shaking his hand.  
responded in the same manner, but her attention was almost instantly 
deflected by
the incredible sight before her.  She couldn't tell whether she saw an exotic 
empress, or the pure, awesome embodiment of an almighty goddess.

It was her.  She was dressed in a fetching long blue dress, slit all the way 
up to the hip
on the right side.  Sensuous brown nylons and lacy garters accentuated her 
graceful legs.  Laretta just couldn't get over how tall and elegant she was.  
Even without
the high heeled sandals she was wearing, the vixen would probably be at least 
a head
taller than Laretta.

An expression that could best be described as "sly, yet appeased" crossed her 
orange and
white face as a smile came to her fanged muzzle.  Laretta could almost feel 
vixen's piercing blue eyes penetrate her soul.  Long, raven black hair 
completed her
majestic look.  It was difficult for Laretta to tell if what she was seeing 
was real or not.

Cassie Vixen approached the group and introduced herself.  "Hello, it's a 
real pleasure
to meet you," she smiled at Laretta as she took her hand, "You must be 
Laretta.  I heard
the demo tape you sent us, it's pretty hot stuff.  If you're as good as you 
yourself, then I think we'll have a good thing going."

Laretta had gone almost completely daft.  All she could do was stare agape; 
the legend
herself was praising her like a real professional!  She almost forgot which 
universe she
was in before she snapped back to reality and tried to regain her composure.  
I, ah..." she stammered foolishly before swallowing and saying something
comprehensible. "Goodness, it's really an honor to meet you.  Thank you for 
your kind
words, Ms. Vixena" she managed to wrench out, blushing with embarrassment all 
the while.

Cassie simply chuckled in a good-natured manner, "Please, call me Cassie, and 
don't get
your panties all in a bunch.  I'm just a musician, making the best of it I 
can like you
are.  I really look forward to jamming with ya," she said with a toothy grin.

Laretta just smiled nervously, "Well, uh, Cassie, I certainly do look forward 
to that
too."  Something about the warm, personable nature of the vixen made Laretta 
loosen up a
bit, much to her relief.

Their two companions simply watched with bemusement, then spoke to one 
another.  "So I
presume all the details are in place," Karen spoke up.  "We have the back-up
guitarist, bassist, and drummer under contract, and Cassie and Laretta should 
be able
to select the songs they'd like to record, once they're familiar with each 
other's styles."

The male wolf nodded, "That should take care of the session business, but 
there are a
few technicalities Cassie's agent wanted me to discuss with you, if it's no 
Karen shrugged slightly, "I wouldn't imagine it to be, though I think Cassie 
and Laretta
would like to get down to playing pretty soon."

Cassie gave a knowing glance to her agent's stand-in and smiled, "Actually, 
what I'd like
to do is get to know Laretta a little better, and let you two iron out any 
details you
need to.  I know a great cafe where we can have lunch and talk for a little 
while.  I
hope that won't be a problem?"

"Well, it's not a problem for me," Karen responded, "How about you, Laretta?" 
she-wolf was still feeling slightly flushed, but was highly keen on the 
thought of getting
to know more about the famous vixen. She certainly seemed like a friendly 
type.  "Yes,
I'd like that very much," she replied.

"It'll be my treat," Cassie said with a smile.  "You two can get your 
business done.
Just make sure our equipment is all set up and ready when we come back, Andy."

"Sure thing, Cassie," the wolf replied, "We should have things wrapped up by 
one.  Try to
be back by then, okay?" he asked as a couple of studio workers took Laretta's 
into the building.

"Please be careful with that," Laretta motioned to one of her cases, "That's 
the guitar
I'll be using, a custom Elektra Predator."  The worker simply nodded and 
carefully handled
the case.

Karen was the next to speak up, "It looks like things are going along nicely. 
 You two
just relax and enjoy yourselves."  As they were about to depart, she motioned 
to Laretta and said just out of earshot of the others, "I told ya everything 
would go
all right.  I think you two will get along great!"

Laretta smiled and nodded, feeling the atmosphere lighten up considerably.  
She bade
farewell to the two managers as she joined the vixen, still slightly 
incredulous about
whether she was living in reality or not.

"Well, looks like it's just the two of us for now," Cassie said with a smile. 
 "I don't
know about you but I'm famished."

Laretta smiled and replied, feeling gradually more relaxed, "Where would you 
like to
eat, Cassie?"  The vixen turned on her heel and motioned her companion to 
follow her,
"It's like a nice French bistro, except you can eat just about whatever you 
like.  C'mon
over to my Corvette, and I'll take you there.  I think you'll like it," she 

To Laretta, it was almost too strange for words.  She had only met the vixen 
for a
few minutes and already she was being treated like a close friend.  She 
smiled warmly,
and knew that however unusual the day might be, it was looking very nice, 

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