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story in progress

Stage Sisters chapter 3

Written by & copyright of Andrew Cotton

Featuring Laretta Morrigan (Cassie's rhythm guitarist) Vixina (Cassie's 
fiddler) and Cassie

Cassie, the Rock & Roll Vixen
Laretta Morrigan

Please read chapter four, featuring Laretta and Cassie at

All characters created by & copyright of Earl Bacon except Laretta, who is 
created by
and copyright of Andrew Cotton, Alex, who is created by and copyright of 
Donna Fritz
and Vixina, who is created by and copyright of Cloudchaser Shaconage.

The two femmes found themselves caught up in traffic and ended up arriving 
back at the
studio fifteen minutes after one o'clock.  This was not a problem, though, 
since the
studio technicians were still busy getting both Laretta's and Cassie's 
amplifiers in
sync. Furthermore, Cassie's amplifier was clearly not in its best shape. 
favorite roadie, an otter named "Slim", dutifully worked at patching up the 
knowing the kind treatment he would receive from Cassie in return.

No one made an issue of the two companions being late, because they knew how 
Cassie liked
to dote on new acquaintances with long, lavish meals.  They dutifully 
apologized for
being late, but seeing that their equipment was not quite ready, they chose 
to prepare
their guitars instead.  Cassie also decided to take the opportunity to 
introduce Laretta
to Slim, whom she considered one of her closest confidants.

"Glad to meet ya," the lanky otter said with a smile, shaking Laretta's hand, 
"Cass here
says you can play a mean guitar."  Laretta simply smiled and blushed 
slightly, "I try
my best."

"I can't wait to hear ya on stage," replied Slim, "assuming that Cassie's amp 
the whole session," he said with a slightly sotto voice, and joking wink 
towards the vixen.

To this, Cassie simply put her hands on her hips and smirked, "Well now, I'm 
paying you
good money to keep my prized possession in top form, so it had better!"

Slim chuckled and returned the jibe, "I keep telling ya Cass, that thing is 
on its last
legs.  Heck, it barely even has any legs left at all!  That circuitry blowout 
be patched up fine, but I'd be expecting to do some more soon enough!"

"Anything to keep my jewel surviving through the ages," Cassie replied, 
stroking her
amplifier in a mock pose of adoration.  Laretta wasn't too sure what to make 
of all
this banter, so she just contented herself with tuning her guitar and 
ensuring that her
own amplifier was in working order. "It's just a running joke between us," 
confided, "I've had the amp since I started playing, it was a gift from my 
father.  It
has real sentimental value, plus it gives my guitars that extra - how you'd 
say - "YOWZA'
that grabs everyone's attention.  I just could never bear to part with it."

Slim just grinned and nodded, "Say, speaking of "YOWZA', that's a pretty 
gnarly guitar
you have there, Laretta," he said, noticing Laretta's custom-made Predator.

"Thank you.  It's my personal favorite "jewel'.  I can play very good lead 
and rhythm
guitar chords with it."  Laretta ran a free hand over the guitar's smooth 
black and
red-streaked exterior.  Its unique "X hourglass' shape suited her perfectly.  
One of its
rear "points" extended out notably, and was painted white to resemble a fang 
or claw.
The guitar drew inescapable attention towards the she-wolf, and Laretta loved 
just as much as the sound it made.

Cassie had taken out her own favorite guitar, a shiny black Gibson Les Paul 
and adjusted its strings to her preference.  "So, how about to warm up, we 
start with an
easy two-guitar piece?  I'd like to get a feel for how you set your rhythm, 
Cassie replied.

Laretta nodded in agreement and felt her guitar hum to life.  Her pulse 
quickened as
she realized that this was the part that mattered the most for the whole day. 
 If she
performed well enough, Cassie the Rock Vixen could help Laretta launch her 
career higher
than she had ever imagined.  Laretta allowed Cassie to take the "lead" and as 
she got a
feel for how the vixen played her part, Laretta merged in with her energetic 

Everyone present was amazed at how the two femmes complemented each other.  
One would say
that they wove their parts together into a vibrant tapestry.  A German 
Shepherd 'morph
played the bass line, though he played nothing excessively outstanding - 
heavy metal was not his forte.  A badger 'morph competently provided the drum 
work, but
the focus was unmistakably on the two femmes.  Cassie performed superbly, and 
excelled at matching her every move.

The two ladies ceased their performance, earning polite applause and acclaim 
from all those
in attendance.  They smiled at each other, knowing that they had what it 
takes to make
the performance shine.  "Laretta, you were excellent!"  Cassie exclaimed, 
"I've played with
a lot of back-up guitarists, and I don't think I've ever met anyone who could 
play as well
as you!"  Laretta smiled broadly, "Really?  Thanks, Cassie!  That means a lot 
to me,
coming from you."

One individual from the small audience, a digitigrade vixen with long red 
hair, glasses, and
a cut-off T-shirt and denim shorts, eagerly approached the duo.  "Heya, 
y'all!" she
exclaimed, "That thar shore wuz th' best jammin' Ah evah heard!  She's done 
givin' ya a
run fo' yo' money, Cass!" Laretta smiled politely to the smaller vixen (even 
if she had
to think for a moment to understand her accent!), while Cassie appeared 
flushed. "Goodness, I forgot all about introducing you two!  Laretta, this is 
the newest addition to our band.  She joined us while we were touring across 
South," Cassie grinned.

"It's nice to meet you, Vixina," said Laretta as she smiled and shook hands, 
"Do you
play keyboards or synthesizer?"  Vixina smiled and retrieved her instrument, 
ya know, Ah play thes heah fiddle!"  Cassie smiled and nodded, "That's right! 
 I was
so impressed when I heard her play, I just had to ask her to join!" "Really?" 
Laretta, "That's new to me.  My dad played the fiddle at family gatherings, 
but I've
never heard it played in a rock band!"

Vixina grinned and tuned her fiddle's strings, "Well now, would ya lahke me 
ta play alon'
and fahnd out how it sounds?"  "Well Laretta, how about it?" asked Cassie, 
"Would you care
to let Vixina play along with us?" "Absolutely!" Laretta responded, "It 
sounds like it
would be fun."  Vixina tuned her fiddle, and the group of femmes played their 
version of Metallica's "One."  Laretta was amazed at how well Vixina's 
ferociously energetic
fiddling blended in with hers and Cassie's guitars.  Now considerably more at 
Laretta was enjoying herself so much that she no longer cared what happened 
to her
career after today.  She just found the opportunity of playing with some of 
the most
famous and talented musicians in furrydom to be a major accomplishment.  All 
of her
previous anxiety and self doubt had completely melted away, and she 
understood what her
love of rock music was all about.

"That was awesome!" exclaimed the she-wolf, shaking her head so that her two 
colored shoulder length hair waved about.  "Et shore was!" remarked Vixina, 
her glasses to wipe them off, "Wouldn'tcha lahke ta play with us fer real, 
Laretta smiled, wagging her tail slightly, "You bet I would!  I doubt that 
will happen,
though.  I mean, I only came here so we could all just practice together, 
Cassie carefully set her guitar down and brushed her hair back, "Well Laretta,
that's something we all wanted to talk to you about.  You know about the big 
festival the band is playing in this weekend?"  Laretta nodded, "Of course, 
the Lone
Star Metal Round-Up.  It's all over the news, and anyone who's anyone in the 
business around here makes it one of their top priorities.  Why do you ask?"  
The tall
vixen focused on her lupine companion, and calmly continued, "Laretta, I was 
hoping you
would join the band for that occasion.  That's why our manager, Foxonian, and 
I wanted you
to play with us today, to see how well you could adapt to our style.  I could 
use someone to back me up, and I'm confident in your abilities.  How do you 
feel about that?"

Laretta felt her heart jump up into her throat and her senses go numb.  
Cassie was asking
her to play in her band, live on stage, for one of the most important music 
events she
knew of! "Cassie, I...I'm not sure what to say," she stammered momentarily, 
"It would be
an honor!  Are you absolutely sure about this?"  Cassie nodded, "I, and the 
rest the
band, feel entirely confident about your playing with us, but I honestly 
don't want to
force you into a situation beyond which you'd feel secure.  It's all up to 
you.  Please,
take a few moments to think it over, you don't have to give a final answer 
right away."

In the mean time, Karen and Andy had reemerged in the studio, well aware of 
what Cassie
was discussing with Laretta.  Karen motioned Laretta to come over so they 
could discuss
the matter personally, which Laretta clearly understood as she huddled 
together with them.

"So, I take it they broke the news to you?" Karen asked the excited she-wolf. 
nodded and responded enthusiastically, "Yes, absolutely!  I just can't 
believe it!
Me, actually playing live on stage with Cassie's band?!  That's just 

Karen smiled and spoke in a hushed to Laretta, "Well, that's not all.  Let's 
just keep
this between ourselves for the time being.  We knew that Cassie wanted you to 
join her
band for the Metal festival, but if all this works out for the best, you 
could very
well become a permanent addition!"

Laretta was absolutely amazed.  She had to keep her tail tucked between her 
legs to
contain her excitement.  "Oh my God, are you serious?!  Me, joining Cassie's 
band, for
real?"  This time, it was Andy's turn to speak up.  "I can't speak for 
Cassie, Laretta,
but she has been talking a lot about needing an extra guitarist and singer to 
back her
up. Judging by the way you two are getting along, I'd say it's almost 
definitely assured
for you.  This weekend's concert is really just the last hurdle you'd need to 

Laretta was only barely registering all that was being said to her.  She knew 
very well
that she faced the most important decision of her life since she decided to 
leave home
and embark on her musical career. All she could do now was try to collect her 
and keep her nerves steady.  Karen again tried to give her companion some 
solace.  "I know
it seems like a lot, Laretta, but like I told you, today could change 
everything. I know
you can do it, all you need to do is say the word to Cassie."

It didn't take Laretta more than a moment to make her decision. She was 
presented with
a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and she wasn't about to let it slip away.  
approached Cassie, who had taken her sandals off to relax her feet, with her 
and sincerest demeanor.  "Cassie, I've thought it over, and I would be really 
honored to
play with your band. I'm so grateful that you're giving me this chance, and I 
you that I won't disappoint you."

Cassie grinned and put her hands on Laretta's shoulders, "I'm very glad to 
hear that,
Laretta, and I know you'll do fine." One of the other band members spoke up, 
"The festival's only a few days away, Cassie.  Are you sure she'll be ready?" 
asked the
German Shepherd bassist.  "Of course!" Cassie replied, "Laretta won't be 
playing with all
our songs, and most of those that she will be playing we practiced this 
afternoon. We
would need a couple more days of practice, but I don't think that's a problem 
at all.
Does that sound okay to you, Laretta?"

The she-wolf nodded, "Definitely!  Just let me know when I need to show up, 
and I won't
let you down!"  Afterwards, Laretta and the band relaxed with some idle 
chatter.  Everyone
was fascinated to learn about Laretta's upbringing -- most of them hadn't 
even been to
Canada before!  When it was time to leave, Laretta got her guitars packed up, 
but she
was surprised that Cassie eagerly helped her load them in the car.  "You're 
really too
kind, Cassie," Laretta chided.  The vixen grinned, "I know, it's a really bad 
habit of
mine.  At any rate, I really am glad that you're going to be playing with us.
You've got a very special gift, Laretta, one that the whole world should 

They gave each other a friendly hug before Laretta headed home.  It was 
already early
evening, and even this time in the summer, the sun was looming low in the 
sky.  As Karen
drove towards home, Laretta kicked off her pumps and relaxed with a large 
smile on her
face, very satisfied with the day's events. Karen smiled at her companion, "I 
hope you
don't feel too silly about being so worried earlier."  Laretta just grinned 
and flicked
her tongue out, "It was first day jitters, that's all!  Anyway, I still can't 
believe that
I'm going to be playing at the Metal Round-Up with Cassie and her band!  You 
sure were good
at keeping that a secret, you know that?"  "It's part of my job," the lemur
replied, chuckling.

As excited as she was, Laretta just felt that for the first time in her life, 
things were
just working out so right. She knew there was something wonderful about 
Cassie, and today
she had the chance to find out why that was.  Tonight, she was going to rest 
and be ready
to show herself worthy of sharing the stage with her.

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