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Cassie the Rock Vixen-A Friend In Need

A Friend In Need

Written by & copyright of Earl Bacon Foxonian at aol.com

This story is dedicated to Louve in hopes that it'll help her to feel better. 
thanx to Foxonian for writing this story.

Featuring Vixina (Cassie's fiddler), Cloudchaser (Vixina's boyfriend) and
Louve (Cloudchaser's sister)

Cassie, the Rock & Roll Vixen
Louve (link to Louve's personal website available)

Please read the prequil, "What Goes Around Comes Around", featuring Alex
(Cassie's drummer), Vixina (Cassie's fiddler), Cloudchaser (Vixina's 

All characters created by & copyright of Earl Bacon except Laretta, who is 
created by
and copyright of Andrew Cotton, Alex, who is created by and copyright of 
Donna Fritz,
Vixina & Cloudchaser, who is created by and copyright of Cloudchaser 
Shaconage and Louve,
who is created by and copyright of herself.

Inside a small dressing room in the civic center,a bi-specticled red fox 
femme with dark
red hair halfway down to her waist, "Daisy-Duke" cut off shorts and a torn 
T-top, sat
laughing as her boyfriend and mate, a red wolf wearing a black t-shirt and 
baseball cap,
blue denim shorts and "flip-flop" type sandles on his furried feet, knelt on 
one knee next
to his vixen.  He kissed her on her muzzle before saying "Think Alex got the 
"Oh, Ah think so!  She won’t be a problem now.  Thanks for evrythin’ Sugar 
Vixina relied as she returned Cloudchaser’s kiss.

"What message?" another, taller red fox femme asked.  Vixina and Cloudchaser 
both turned
to see the figure of a tall red fox vixen furry morph, with an extremely 
long, flowing
black mane of heard hair that reached all the way down her back to the base 
of her bushy
fox-like tail.  The vixen had a black neck choker with an oval blue gem in 
it’s center
around her neck.  She had on a low-cut sleeveless dress, light blue in color 
that was
slit thigh-high on both her right and left sides.  Light brown nylon 
stockings covered both
of her shapely, human like legs and feet.  Each stocking hooked on a two black
garter straps that dissapeared under that very sexy dress.

Vixina was suprised that she didn’t ear Cassie walk up to her open doorway, 
since the
tall vixen was wearing a pair of her light blue pumps.  "Oh, we played a 
prank on
Alex," Cloudchaser said.  "Yah, Aftah all she’s been doin’, we figgered she 
som' handlin’," Vixina added.  Cassie let out a chuckle before adding, "Okay! 
explains the ‘I’m soo serious now’ expression on her face and that bracelet 
on her arm.
Just tell me what you guys are planning before you do it?  After all,I’m 
supposed to be
the BOSS around here, so I have to know what’s going on.  Oh, Hi Cloudchaser! 
Didn’t see
you arrive."

"Hi, Cassie." Cloudchaser said as he stared at the tall vixen with a look of 
awe on his
face.  The red wolf was a HUGE fan of the Rock Vixen and tended to think of 
her as a
major celebrity, much to Vixina’s exasperation at times.  Even though Vixina 
herself was
just as taken with Cassie, she tried not to show it and remain professional 
around her
mate.  "Wild Animals is on a break from the tour, so I thought I would use 
the time to see
my Honey Bunch!" Cloudchaser noticed Vixina had turned to look at him while 
he was
speaking.  Huge loving eyes were peering out through the oval lenses of the 
vixen’s glasses.

Just then,the phone on the wall of the dressing room rang.  Vixina got up and 
it, leaving Cloudchaser and Cassie to talk amoungst themselves.  While the 
two band
leaders "Talked Shop" about each other’s tour,  Vixina nearly dropped the 
phone reciever
on the floor.  "Vixina, what’s wrong?" a started red wolf morph asked.  
"I-I’ts Louve.
She’s been hurt inna accident!  She was helpin’ one of the roadies with her 
amp stack
when part of the stage at the last place you guys played fell on her!"  
Cassie stood
in stunned silence.  She knew of the grey Cajun wolfess.  She was 
Cloudchaser’s lead
guitarist and an extremely good one at that.

"Is she all right?  Where is she?" an excited Cloudchaser asked.  "She’s at 
St. Francis.
I got the Head Nurse on heah.  You two bettah talk!" Vixina said as she 
handed the phone
to the red wolf.  Cassie walked over to Vixina, who had removed her glasses 
and was
rubbing her eyes to keep tears from forming.  As she put her arm around the 
vixen, Cassie said, "I’m so sorry Vixina.  I hope Louve is okay.  I know how 
much she means
to both you and Cloud."  *sniff* "I’ll be okay." Vixina said,as she put her 
glasses back
on her muzzle.  "Ah worry more fer Cloudchasah.  He’s known Louve a long 
time. He think’s
of her as the sistah he should have had."

For a moment, a memory of Rose* came into Cassie’s mind.  She shook it off 
and said
"Listen.  You two go to her right now.  I’ll postpone tomorrow’s concert.  
It’s not that big
a gig, anyway"  "Oh, Cassie!  Don’t do that just fer me!  What about all them 
fans of
ours?  Cain’t you just go on without me?" Vixina asked.  Cassie turned and, 
placing both
her hand paws on Vixina’s shoulders, looked her stright in the eye as she 
said,  "How
many times have I told you, Vixina that I consider every member of this band 
as family.
If one member does’t go on, we ALL do not go on.  I know what it’s like not 
to be there when
a loved one need’s you.  I don’t want you to be put in that situation, if I 
can help it.
You and Cloud go to Louve, okay?"

"Thank you, Cassie! that’s very nice of you!" Cloudchaser said as he kissed 
the Rock Vixen
on her muzzle.  Vixina hugged Cassie before saying "Thank ya so much,Cass!"  
"Just let me
know what happens.  I’ll try stop by the hospital as soon as I can," Cassie 
said as she
walked with Vixina and Cloudchaser toward the exit of the civic center.

St. Francis Veterenary Hospital was located in a slightly seedy section of 
the city that
the civic center was located.  Even though furry morphs now held most of the 
civil rights
that humans had, there were still some old laws that were still on the books. 
among these were that furry-morphs could only be treated in veterenarty 
hospitals and
only veternarians (many of them now furry morphs themselves) could treat 
furry morphs.

"Yes, can I help you?" a deer femme, dressed in a nurse’s whites asked both 
and Vixina when they approached the main desk.  "We're looking for Louve’s 
room.  She’s
a cajun wolfess who was brought in this morning," Cloudchaser replied.  
"Oh,the rock
muscian!  Yes!  I just came on shift when she arrived.  I’ll check on her 
Your names,please?" the deer femme said as she got a note pad to write on.
"Cloudchaser Shaconage.  This is my girlfriend, Vixina."  "Hi ya!" Vixina 
said with a
slight wave of her paw.  "Please take a seat over there in the waiting area." 
the nurse
said, pointing to the row of chairs in the lobby near the main doors.  "I’ll 
be back in
a minute or two," the deer femme then went down the corridor tword the 
patient rooms.

As the pair sat down,Vixina glaced at her lover.  She had never seen the red 
so depressed.  Cloudchaser stared down at his flip-flop sandled feet.  His 
paw hands on
both of his knees.  After a few moments of silence, Vixina said "I’m shore 
she’s okay,
Cloud.  Aftah all, ya always said that Louve’s a fightah."  "That she is,"
Cloudchaser began,still in the afore mentioned position,"all the same,I’m 
still worried."
As Vixina put her hand paws on her lover’s right knee, a tall German Shepherd 
morph, in a
white doctor’s coat walked up to where they were sitting.  "Mr. Shaconage?  
Miss Vixina?
I’m Dr. Green.  I’m handling Louve’s case."  "How is she, Doc?" Cloudchaser 

"I’m afraid that it’s going to be touch and go.She’s had some internal 
injuries that we had
to operate on.  The next 24 hours will be crucial."  "Can we see her?" Vixina 
Dr. Green turned aside to talk to a small bobcat nurse who had just come up 
the shepherd.  He then said "Yes.  But not for long.  She’s heavly medicated 
and may not
be too coherent.  Plus, we would like her to rest, so she can heal.  This 
Cloudchaser and Vixina followed the Doc into the room where Louve was.  Lying 
on her back,
the young wolfess lay with her head propped up on pillows.  Aside from the IV 
she looked quite healthy.  Cloudchaser was relieved to see his close friend 
in such a
good state, all things considered.

As is on cue, Louve weakly opened her eyes and said in a quiet voice "Iss 
that Cloud?"
The red wolf rushed to her side and said,"Yep! Vixina is here, too!"  "How 
are ya,
Louve, Honey?"  Vixina asked as she came to sit by Cloudchaser on two chairs 
that were
next two Louve’s bed.  "I’ve been better.  But, I am still here, so I am not 
out for
the count!" Louve said.  "Don’t worry, You will get better!  We need you!" 
said hopefully.  "I’ll be back with you soon," Louve began.  I won’t let 
this get me down.
In fact, since you always say I work too hard,  I’ll think of this as a 
little break.
Though I didn’t mean that literally.  Guess I got to be careful what I wish 
for, huh?"
with that, Louve drifted off to sleep.

The bobcat nurse put a hand paw on Cloudchaser’s shoulder and said, "Time to 
go.  She
needs her rest.  I’ll let you know when she wakes.  Where are you going to 
be?"  "We will
be in the waiting area," Cloudchaser replied as he and Vixina got up to 
leave.  The
hours dragged on as the red wolf and the red fox vixen sat in the waiting 
area.  A
catering cart came through the waiting area, bringing some needed refreshment.
Cloudchaser only nibbled on his doughnut as he continued to stare down the 
where Louve’s room was.  "I don’t like it," the red wolf began.  "She should 
be awake by
now.  Something’s wrong.  I can feel it."  Vixina placed her arm around 
Cloudchaser and
said "She’s undah a lot of med’s, Cloud.  That’s gonna goof up her 
sleepin’, that’s fer
sho'.  I think she’s fine."

The main doors of the hospital opened, letting Cassie and her human lover, 
enter.  Both walked over and sat down next to Vixina and Cloudchaser.  "We 
came as soon as
we could.  How is she?" Cassie asked.  "Sleepin’.  Doc said that they had to 
operate on
her.  They're gonna watch her for a while," Vixina replied.  "Are you okay, 
Foxonian asked.  "No, I’m not. But I’ll try to be." the red wolf said 
looking at the
human briefly before shifting his gaze back to the corridor.


"That’s Louve’s room!"  Cloudchaser exclaimed as he go up from his chair and 
started down
the corridor at a fast pace.  "Cloud!  Wait!" Vixina said as she ran after 
the red
wolf.  Cloudchaser was within a door of Louves roon,when he ran into (almost 
the bobcat nurse.  "Mr.Shaconage!  Stop right there!"The nurse said in a 
stern voice,
"You aren’t going to help your friend by getting in our way!  Please go back 
to the
waiting area.  We know what were doing.  She’s in good hands.  Dr.Green is 
one of the
best.  We’ll let you know what happens."  Cloudchaser stood in fear and shock 
replying, "You're right.  Sorry.  I’m just so worried about her,that’s all."

Vixina came over and placing her arm around his shoulder, led the wolf back 
to the
waiting area.  Instead of sitting down in his seat, Cloudchaser turned to 
face the
sitting Cassie and Foxonian,as well as Vixina ,who stood before him.  "There 
is something
that I have to do for Louve’s sake. You can join me if you wish," With 
that,the red
wolf dropped to his knees, folded his pawed hands, closed his eyes and began 
to recide
aloud the Lord’s Prayer.  Vixina joined him on her kness at his side and 
began to recide
with him Cassie and Foxonian both still sitting, closed their eyes and bowed 
their heads.

After saying the prayer 3 times,Dr.Green walked toward the group.  "Sorry to 
but Ms. Louve had to go back into surgery.  She had a bit of internal 
bleeding that we
didn’t catch the fisrt time.  I’m pleased to say that she’s doing well and 
should have a
full recovery. You can all see her if you want.  She should be coming out of 
the anesthetic
in about an hour or so.  Will let you know."  "Thank you so much for all you 
did for
Louve, Doc!  I’ll never forget it!" Cloudchaser said as he shook the 
shepard’s hand.
"You're welcome," Dr. Green replied.  "Louve has a lot of stamina.  An 
ordinary person
would have had more complications.  Not her.  She’s a real fighter!"

An hour passed quickly and soon the whole group entered Louve’s room.  
Cloudchaser was
the first to see Louve when she woke up and gave the wolfess a kiss on her 
Vixina also kissed Louve and the three began to talk as if nothing bad had 
Louve noticed someone standing behind Vixina.  "Cloud! Iss that Cassie_The 
Rock Vixen?"
Louve asked. "Yes, it is.  She’s here to see you too," a smiling Cloudchaser 

Cassie walked over to Louve’s bedside and held the outstreached pawhand that 
wolfess extended.  "It’s not every day that I get to meet a living legend!" 
Louve began
to say, "I think you are the best guitarist I have ever heard.  You have been 
great influence on my playing.  I’ve always admired you!"  Cassie smiled and 
"After today, I should be admiring you!"  Louve smiled a fanged grin and 
said,"Think I can
jam with you,sometime?"  "It’s a date. just let me know when you are ready," 
Cassie said.

Six Months Later

Cloudchaser was walking through the studio that he had leased for rehersal 
space for his
band.  It had been just 6 months since Louve was discharged from the 
hospital, but being
the person she was, she wanted to get right back to work.  The red wolf 
stopped.  He
heard music coming out of studio B.  Not just any music, but terrific guitar 
chords and
licks. Rounding the corner, he looked through the doorway of studio B. 
Inside, sitting on
a stool, A wolfess with soulder length blond hair dressed in a blue blouse and
miniskirt, jamming away on her guitar.  Across from her sat none other that 
herself, holding her electric guitar.  "Hi, Cloud! What do you think?" an 
Louve asked.  "It’s great! I didn’t know you were here, Cassie!" Coudchaser 

"Well," The tall vixen began,"you suprised me at my digs, so I figured I owed 
one!  Besides, I wanted to do some free-form work and I couldn’t think of a 
jamming partner than this gal right over here!" Cassie then gave a high five 
to Louve,
who returned the gesture.  "After all", Louve began, "I need to get back into 
musically speaking, So Cassie said she’d help me.  Sound good?"  Cloudchaser 
gave a wide
smile and said, "I’m not worried at all."


*To find out who Rose is, please read "The Last Rose of Summer" at
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