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Am I the only one to realize that it's almost Christmas and I'm still
writing about Halloween?  I'm quite shocked this story has taken me so long
to write, especially considering it's basically just the first chapter.

Anyhow, I'm a bit more nervous about this part then previous.  Don't ask me
why, I just am.

expect part 11 to come a tidge faster then previous parts.  It's a bit

Well, have fun reading my story everyone.  Praise is welcome, criticism,
well I'll read but I'm not obligated to like it.

---Shred with chainsaw here---

I wandered through the roaring ocean of partygoers, doing my best to ignore
the painful noises that were assaulting my senses.   I found myself very
thankful that I was still chewing on those herbs Uric gave to me.  They
really did help with the pain accompanied by all this noise.

I scanned the crowds as I pushed myself through them, looking for Christia's
face so that I could say goodbye to her.  Of course this wouldn't be goodbye
for the night. Even on the unrealistic hope that the Council would let a
Loose Cannon like myself, stay they'd probably wipe out Christia's memory of
today's events.  They probably wouldn't want a loose cannon like her moving
freely around the world with knowledge of Myths.  If she ever found a way to
prove her knowledge and went to the media, the result would be cataclysmic.

Idly I sighed, she was weird and I was fully aware of the danger she
presented to Myths, but I still found myself becoming unsettled at the
thought of not talking with her again. And in a way it's really my own fault
after all, I could've been more careful. Could've should've, it's all too
late for that now.

"Hey Nafen," came a slurred voice, "Ova Heer!"

I turned towards the voice and saw Christia slumped over in a chair next to
the punchbowl, a redheaded freckled girl standing over her, holding her up
by the shoulders.

"Oh crap!" I exclaimed as I plowed through the crowd of dancers.  "What
happened to her?"

"Well, uh, I," mumbled the red head girl, "I was just talking to her and she
started talking funny and well she sat down and, I don't know."

"Start over," I said to the redheaded girl while I helped hold up Christia's
slouching form.

"I don't know!" she exclaimed tears starting to stream down her face. "I
just don't know!"

"Dreenk goood," slurred Christy suddenly.  "Maked me relacksed."  Suddenly
Christia lurched forward out of her seat and wrapped her arms around me.
"Gimmeee hug Nafen, I cold."  Gently I pulled Christy off of me and sat her
down on the chair she was just on before.

"Keep an eye on her a moment," I said to the redheaded girl as I walked over
to the punch bowl and grabbed a cup.   I filled the cup and stood there for
a moment before lifting it to my muzzle and inhaling deeply.

"Geeze" I said as I began coughing wildly,  "somebody put something into
this stuff, it smells horrible."  I put the cup down and breathed deeply,
trying to get the chemical smell out of my head.

"Really?" said the red headed girl as she turned around and grabbed the cup
before sniffing it like I had.  "Smells fine to me."

"Never mind that," I snapped as I grabbed the cup out of her hands and
poured it back into the punch bowl.  "Go find a place to dump this out and I
'll go get some help."

"Is Nafen goin away Beth?" Christia asked the redheaded girl.

"He'll be right back Christy," said Beth as she walked to Christia's side.
"Don't worry, everything's going to be okay."

I winced at that statement, I really did hope everything was going to be
alright, but there was no way of telling what was put into the drink she
had, and what it was doing to her.  I shook my head and pushed through the
circle of gawking onlookers that were gathering around.

I moved towards the couch where I had seen Uric before.  He wasn't there.
Frantically I looked around for any sign of Uric.  Once again I began
pushing through crowds in my search for the parties host.

That's when I saw him through the corner of my eye.  Grey uniform, large fra
me, long white beard; it was the sheriff, he was already here, pushing
through the crowd forcefully.  I shrank back and hid behind the crowds.

"What's he doing here?" I silently asked myself as I moved away from him.
The Sheriff is one of the senior members of the Council, as well as their
right hand. However, despite being a real sheriff, he's hardly ever handled
police matters himself.  Which meant that he had to be here for me.

A cold hand fell onto my shoulder startling me.  "Hey there Nathan," came
Uric in a friendly tone.

"Whoa, oh thank god," I said as I turned around and faced Uric.  "Somebody
spiked the punch with something, my friend drank it and now she's acting
sick.  Please help."

"Whoa, slow down there," said Uric as he stepped back a little startled
himself.  "Just lead the way alright."

I nodded and began pushing through the crowd back towards Christia,
occasionally looking over my shoulder every few moments to make sure Uric
was there, and to make certain that the sheriff wasn't.

When we got there, the amount of people that were sitting their gawking at
Christia seemed to have tripled.  I pushed myself through the crowd
forcefully desperate to get to Christia.  Some looked at me with great anger
for this, but I didn't care.

"Dude look at her," exclaimed a pasty looking young man standing next to
Christia holding up her now torn apart jacket.  Beth was on the floor next
to Christia crying.  "She's so much hotter without this rag getting in the

A fog of anger suddenly descended upon my mind.  "You sick jerk!" I said
running up to the pasty man, "Leave her alone!"

"What's it to ya!" said the man violently tossing the remnants of the jacket
at me. "Are you some sort of Cub Scout wolfie, I'm just having some fun so
get lost."

Furious I dropped the jacket and pushed the man across the room in one swift
motion. I growled as I watched him stagger across the room, he stopped only
when he hit a wall of onlookers.

"You little punk!" exclaimed the pale man getting his bearings.  ""Nobody
spoils my fun no-one!"  He turned to me nearly foaming in rage.  "When I get
my hands on you I'm going to." he paused suddenly as he caught site of my
teeth.  "What huh, oh man!" he turned around and pushed through the crowds.

"Not exactly in a cautious mood are we Nathan," said Uric as he walked past
me and knelt next to Christia.

"Man how did you do that?" came a voice from the crowd.

"Those teeth looked absolutely real," said someone else.

The fog of anger that was clouding my thoughts suddenly lifted.  "I um, heh
sorry." I said stuttering. I looked around at all the people staring at me
nervously. Even Christy's friend Beth seemed to back away from me fearfully

"Such expensive and detailed costumes really bring out the animal in me."  I
said this addressing Uric but I kept my voice loud enough so bystanders
could hear.

Nobody looked satisfied, but I was willing to bet that they'd eventually
accept this explanation.  The truth as it were, is often times trumped by
reason.  Besides, with the Sheriff inside of Uric's mansion, I shouldn't
have much to worry about.  Of course I'd be taken away, but oddly I was
starting to feel resigned to this fate.

"Oh man this is bad," commented Uric behind me casually.

"Huh," I said my attention turning back towards the situation with Christia.
"What's wrong?"

"Judging from her symptoms I'd say that somebody slipped some Blue Ice into
her drink," said Uric while checking Christy's pulse.

"Blue Ice," I repeated in a confused tone, "What's that?"

"It's a date rape drug," said Uric while he put down Christia's wrist.  "I'm
not really in the medical loop anymore, but from what I've heard it's very
new, scentless to humans, and very effective."

"Is she in any danger?" I asked

"Her pulse is perfectly stable at this point," said Uric calmly.  "From what
I've heard, if this drug was going to do her harm, her pulse would be quite
shallow at this point, but she'll effectively be drunk and incapacitated all

"Oh, I see," I said solemnly.  I paused, trying hard to think in the loud
atmosphere.  "Well, at least it's a good time; the sheriff's here, so all I
have to do is leave and let him take care of everything."

Don't act so cowardly," snapped Uric standing up, "You know perfectly well
that will happen to her if you let the sheriff take care of everything.  I
for one am not going to let you do it."

"What?"  I exclaimed astonished.  "I don't need this sentimental crap!"

"Say what you will, but you're taking her with you."  With those words Uric
waved his hands and Christia raised into the air and quickly flew toward me.
Surprised I shot out my arms and she fell into them softly.  I looked around
and saw the totally shocked look on the faces of the crowd around me.

"You irresponsible jerk!" I exclaimed, "Do you realize how stupid this is?"

"And you should talk about being irresponsible," said Uric calmly.  "The
sheriff's already here, I can sense him coming closer.  He'll take care of
all the loose ends here, but you have to go before he comes for you."

"Oh all right!" I exclaimed turning around beginning to walk away from the
scene.  Idly I looked down, and froze in place when I saw Christia's body.

"Hiyo Nafen," Christia said with a dazed smile on her face. "are we going
for walk?"

"That's right," I said staring at Christy's chest, surprised by what I saw.
I didn't mean to be rude or anything, but I didn't think she had such a
figure.  "Don't worry," I stammered "it'll be alright."

What're you still doing here?" exclaimed Uric.  "Go now there's a back door
down the hall!"

Oh right," I said breaking off my shameful glance.  "Sorry about that."
With these words I walked into the crowd.  Everyone I passed by jumped away
from me and looked at me with a look of terror and fear in their eyes.   I
didn't like this one bit.

---End of part 10---

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